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Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript



(on if they will pay more attention to T.Y. Hilton due to the Colts' injuries at tight end and wide receiver)

We're going to pay attention to him if he's the only guy on the field. We better pay attention to (T.Y.) Hilton. That doesn't change a lot of things coverage-wise. I mean, we're aware of their injury status, but we've got to know where he's lined up on every play and handle a game wrecker.

(on why the defense has been able to record six sacks in consecutive games)

I think it's a lot of everybody doing their job, being where they're supposed to be. The scheme certainly helps matters. I think we've won a lot of one-on-one matchups. I think Dick's (LeBeau) done a good job even on some of these of getting our guys on some of—maybe they've had an injury on the O-line—trying to get some of our rushers on their guys that are not regulars. There's a lot of things that are factoring into it, but I'd say the most important thing has been how relentless our guys are. They've been doing this since day one. They come after the quarterback like they do all the time.

(on why Marcus Mariota has been successful in the red zone)*

Accuracy has a lot to do with that. He's very accurate, understands the route concepts, timing of it. Because of his release, there's smaller windows down there, less room to throw it. He gets the ball out quickly before those windows can close. We work them. We work those routes a lot, so it's a lot that goes into it.

(on if they've put an emphasis on ball security in the red zone)

There can't be any greater emphasis than ball security on every yard line in the game. It doesn't matter, and it doesn't matter where we're at. That's critical in the outcomes of games, so it's not just the red zone. No, we don't amp it up down there.

(on if they will monitor DeMarco Murray's practice time as the season progresses)

We've been doing that already. We do that with a number of our players. We watch how they practice, we watch what they do. We chart and we have some information to tell us how far they run during games, the mileage that they run, so we immediately, even in the Mondays, we start to build their workouts based on what they do on Sundays. So guys that play less obviously have a greater workout schedule for the day, and that works through the week. We're constantly talking about recovery. That's real important to this team. We've been talking about it since day one, and I think our guys are taking good advantage of it.

(on if some players resist having reduced workouts for recovery)*

They do, yeah. And I love those guys, but we're going to be smart. I think we've been very smart with the way we've handled our guys with our training regimen and the way our recovery has been from day one.

(on if the recovery process will change with the Thursday night game next week)

Next week is next week. I haven't even mentioned it to our guys. They have no schedules, no nothing about next week.

(on if anyone on the staff is taking an early look at the Jaguars)

We will. We're still in the process of installation. Once we get through all that and get this game ready to go, we will look at some point here before the weekend.

(on how he would rate the players' sack dances, particularly Brian Orakpo)

I'd say that's a pretty good one. I don't know. I like their emotion afterwards, I really do. It's fun for our team, it's fun for them, it's rewarding for them, but I don't know if there's any one better than the other.

(on if it is easier for a defensive player to celebrate without drawing a penalty because they usually don't have the ball)

That has a lot to do with it. I'd say probably the biggest reason, no object to mess with. That's probably a reason, yeah.

(on how he celebrated when he scored a touchdown)

Well, it wasn't very many times, I can tell you that. No, I did the Gronk (Rob Gronkowki's spike). Maybe not to that extent, but it was just a spike and happy to be there and then celebrate with my teammates.

(on if it bothered him when Mark Gastineau started doing sack dances when he was a player)*

No, that was just part of the game. It wasn't so orchestrated that you knew what it was—if this guy gets it, this is it. Then it got to, I guess it's a few years back, when they started to penalize the excessive celebrations where it was orchestrated with a bunch of players. That's when it got a little bit out of hand. But I like what we do with the rules.

(on if he worries Jurrell Casey will tear his pants when celebrating)

I don't know. I hope to find out. I hope he keeps celebrating.

(on if Frank Gore is still as physical a running back as he used to be)

He's a physical player. Just watch the tape on the guy. The guy is still yards after contact as he was when he was young. He still has—we showed it to our defense—the jump cuts in the holes, still has the ability to make people miss right in a lot of traffic, and then once he got through the hole, he ran a guy over. He showed everything he was capable of doing in that one play.

(on if Frank Gore's durability and continued success is unusual in the NFL)

I would say he's a guy that's taken care of his body in the season, off the season, recovers. He probably takes very good care of his body to play this long and to play at this level.

(on how the Colts are using Jack Doyle)

Well, he's going to have to obviously step up and play a little bit different role with (Dwayne) Allen being down. I wasn't here when Jack (Doyle) was here, but he's a good player. He's getting a lot more time to show what he's capable of doing. He's going to get a lot more now, and I think his role is going to expand because of it.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn, Amber Harding)

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