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Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript



(on how much he knows about soccer)

Not a lot. My kids played when they were young. That's what I remember. I learned a lot just sitting there in the 10 minutes talking to them. I learned a lot about these guys and what they do.

(on if his exposure to soccer has primarily been by coaching kickers and punters who used to play)

Probably that's the extent of it, yeah.

(on if the NFL is still deciding about when and where to play the upcoming game with the Dolphins)*

Yeah, I think the league was talking while we were out here practicing, so I don't have any update yet. We're going full-speed ahead—Sunday, one o'clock—and if something is adjusted, we're logistically prepared to go with it. I haven't heard anything. I know the storm is big. I've been following it all morning, just, again, watching the storm go where a lot of my family is.

(on if his family is out of the path of Hurricane Matthew)

Not as far as I'd like them to be out there. 

(on if a decision needs to be made by the time the team flies to Miami on Saturday)

It would have to be before then because logistically, if it does change from Sunday at 1 (p.m.), everything changes. If it goes to next week, you're a Monday (game). It affects this week and it affects next week, and we've got to have a plan. The earlier we know the plan, obviously, that would be better, but I understand what they're doing watching the track of the storm. I understand all that. I think they're trying to do it the best they can and we'll wait and see what they say. 

(on if the team would leave on Sunday if the game were to be moved to Monday)

Well, you'd have to logistically make sure. You don't know what the damage is or if there is any down there. If there is, I don't know how the hotel situation is going to be, the transportation—I mean, there's a lot that would go into moving it. I'm sure they're working on it on their end. As we get more details, we'll let you know.

(on if he is surprised a preemptive decision has not yet been made)

I don't know enough about it to even talk about it, to be honest with you. I know they're talking, but I haven't gotten any more information than that.

(on if he will be consulted before a decision is made)

I think they're talking right now. Again, I'll get the notes on the meeting. I mean, there's nothing I can do about it. All I can do is make sure these guys are ready to play on whatever day it is and wherever it is. That's all my job is right now. I'll go and we'll go wherever we have to go to play.

Members of the New Zealand soccer team visit Titans practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

(on if it is an advantage for the Titans that the Dolphins did not practice today)*

Well, they practiced Tuesday, so they've got their week in. I mean, they've got their normal routine. You know, there's some teams in the league that don't practice on Thursdays. I don't know if that's their normal week. They had extra time to prepare with the Thursday night game, so fortunately, with the way the weather's coming in, they've planned out pretty well for them.

(on if he saw progress in the passing game in practice)

I did. I saw it today. It was a good period. Really, it was probably our best Thursday practice with really a lot of energy from the start to finish. It was really good and the periods that we were working in the passing game were good today. They were what we need. Now we need to take it from there and go to the field with it on Sunday.

(on who needed the most work in the passing game)

Well, like I said, there's a lot of people responsible for it, starting all the way from me to the coaching staff through the play call through the snap to the quarterback—all the things. That's everything we're working on daily. Make sure it's perfect and precise, and that's what you need at this level.

(on how Kendall Wright is progressing)

Coming along. I think better than last week. I'm not sure he's at the place we need him to be. I think it's game reps, really. As much as we can get him game reps, the better off we'll be. 

(on if Kendall Wright's playing time with Marcus Mariota last season helps him get in sync this season)

I think that helps. I just think he's missed so much time. I mean you talk about an entire training camp and all the game situations we've gone through—everything. I think it still takes time to get back and get comfortable. I'm not sure it's there yet.

(on how much pressure is on the cornerbacks with how many short passes the Dolphins throw to Jarvis Landry)

A lot. Again, tough scheme. I mean, you've got to stay on these guys. It's an extended hand off, literally. It's not a West Coast offense, but the mentality of the offense is the West Coast—get the ball in the player's hands, let them make the yards with the ball in their hands. They've got guys, again, like we've seen the last few weeks, that can be dangerous if they get it in space. So we need guys swarming, not just the corners. We need everybody in the secondary swarming to the ball.

(on how much of the Dolphins' offense is no huddle)

About 90 percent of their offense is no huddle. We've been no huddle the whole week. We haven't been in a huddle yet, and the tempo we're going out here is much faster than the tempo we'll see on game day. Hopefully it slows down a little bit for them when it comes to the game, because we've been pretty much in their face every snap these last two days.

(on if practicing no huddle helps with conditioning and mental preparation)

Sure it does. Everything—communication, especially no huddle, is imperative. It think we've done that. We've practiced our no huddle every day since April, so they get practice. Whether we use it or not, they've had it every day, so it's not like a new week for them. They've gotten it every week since we've been here.

Titans players take the field for Thursday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn, Amber Harding)

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