Coach Mularkey's Thursday Practice Transcript



(on Dick LeBeau reciting 'The Night Before Christmas' to the team)

I was in the room and I asked Dick (LeBeau) a couple weeks ago about doing it for us. I've been in that room before. It's special. It's very moving, very moving. It gets better every time I hear it.

(on how he introduced the idea of Dick LeBeau reciting the poem to the team)*

Usually we do something on Thursday team meetings. I knew a couple of Thursdays back that this was going to be a good one for all of them, especially the young guys. I asked a lot of them if they had kids. We have a lot of guys that have kids. I asked them if they have anyone that's going to have their first Christmas with them. There was a good bit of guys like that. My son was in the room and I said, 'He's 25 years old, his first Christmas was yesterday.' That's how fast things go. So I said, 'I want you guys to have some time with your family and your kids.' I kind of led in to how important family is, not just this time of the year, but all of the time, and about having a balance in your life and in your job and how successful you can be if you can do. I kind of led into Dick (LeBeau) about the holiday season and what's important about family. That's how Dick leads off, is with his family. I just said, 'You're about to hear something that's a treat and memorable and only a few select people have had a chance to hear this poem by Dick LeBeau. It was easy to introduce him.

(on if his Christmas shopping is done)

No, I have not. (My wife and I) are going to do something after the season. I'm going to treat her to dinner or something. We've talked about it. She says she doesn't have anything for me, so it's an even deal. So no, I have not. I know that's bad to hear.

(on if he will do any last minute shopping)

No, I'm going to get out of here a little earlier than normal and relax with my family.

(on how he balances work and family when making the team's Christmas schedule)

Well, that's important. I know a lot of these guys have their family in town. My sons have grown up with me in this business, so I know tomorrow morning is important to a lot of guys and their kids. So we'll get a late start. There will be great energy here tomorrow when we get going. They're going to have a nice night tonight. They're getting out of here early today and they'll get to wake up with Santa for the kids, be with their family and then they'll have time tomorrow night. We would have done the same thing whatever day it unfolded, but Fridays are typically short anyhow, so it worked out good.

(on what he's seen from Brandon Weeden and how they will prepare for the Texans' uncertainty at quarterback)

They've got two guys who have got enough experience. He's won a game with them last week, so he's got current experience with them and he was successful with them. (Brian) Hoyer has won games for them, so again, they're very similar in their style. It's not like one guy gets out of the pocket and you have to be careful of him getting out of the pocket. They're very similar styles.

(on if he will weigh players after Christmas like he did on Thanksgiving)

I thought about it. I do have something planned for them tomorrow, I do. I'll tell you tomorrow, but I do have something planned for them.

(on Taylor Lewan as Santa Claus)

We had a Christmas party Saturday for the kids. It was unbelievable. All of the rookies were dressed up as elves and (Taylor Lewan) was the Santa. He wanted to be the Santa. Last year, he had to be the Santa, but he volunteered this year and he was really good, really good at it. I think he only had the first baby on his lap cry and after that, it was pretty good.

(on how Taylor Lewan's 'Ho-Ho-Ho's' were)

Oh, they were good. The elves were really good. They sang, I think they had four songs. It was good, it was really well done. This is the first organization that I've been with that does that for the kids, the parents and the kids. It was really neat.


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