Coach Mularkey's Saturday Training Camp Transcript



(on if he was pleased with the first day performance)

I was pretty pleased with the first day.  It was a lot of energy, a lot of guys flying around, it was fun to have the fans out here.  It was a good turnout by the fans.  It felt like they were really into it, and I felt like we represented really well for the first day.  It was good.  We had two solid practices, we got a lot done.  Probably the least amount of penalties we've had in the 2016 season was today.  That was good to see, really good to see.

(on whether he liked Andre Johnson's performance so far)

Well I've seen that before, unfortunately, I wasn't on the same sideline, so I thought he looked good in these colors, I know that for sure.  But it was really nice to see those plays made. That's what we need to be successful, make some plays - big plays.  You know, that's what he's been doing his whole career.

(on Andre Johnson's success on first downs, and if he looked at other analytics)*

A lot of what Jon (Robinson) and I have keep talking about that position they're the traits of being able to get open and still catch the ball.  He's got really solid hands, really strong hands.  You know, there's nothing he hasn't seen that he's going to line up against and really shock him.  It's just that experience.

(on whether Indianapolis was just not the right fit for him)

I really don't know why.  Again, that's a lot of …I'm not looking back at anything.  Trying to look forward, and I think he's trying to do the same thing.

(on Andre Johnson looking seamless with the plays)

It was pretty impressive for him to do as much as he did.  He got here last night, 9 o'clock, we spent one hour with him.  He hadn't even checked into the hotel.  He had one day.  I think our coaches have spent a little extra time, but he's been around a while, he's seen a lot, all he has to do is transfer one call to another and it's pretty much the same.  It showed up today.

(on Kendall Wright getting a good start and whether it continued)

I think so, it was good to see Kendall (Wright).  Especially in some of the slot play that he did today.  A lot of that is decision making.  We're giving him some options, some choices, routes that are all predicated on what the coverage is.  Wherever they are, here's where we want you, and he's making some really solid decisions, and then the play down the middle.  Again, those are plays again that we have to have in this offense from everybody.  Big plays, tough catches, that was important to see.  I think that's good for everybody to see.

(on whether he would like to see Justin Hunter bring down tough catches)

I would like to see that.  You know, it was a contested throw.  That's the way it is on game days, we'll have more of those.  Hopefully he comes down more than what happened today.

(on whether he plans on rotating positions with starting spot competition)

That's kind of what we did by drills today.  We rotated, giving them as much opportunities, same opportunities that we can.  One period may be a third-down period, which is a lot more throws.  We're going to try to coordinate it so they get a fair opportunity in periods that show their coverage abilities and their run storability.

(on whether he thinks the Perrish Cox and Brice McCain competition will continue throughout camp)

I would think that.  I'd like to see who can be the most consistent, and I've been saying that really from early on.  Making the plays, being where they're supposed to be.  When we get into these games, who's going to force the runs like we want.  If you play corner for our team, you have to tackle.  That's important, we going to see who wants to tackle.

(on Dorial Green-Beckham losing weight, and how he looks)

He looks quicker.  We had a walkthrough this morning, just his first initial burst off the ball. He looks a little quicker than he has been.

(on how limited padded practices dictate the reps each player gets)

Well, looking at the schedule, a lot is predicated by the NFL and what they mandate, if we have the ability to be in full pads.  Next week is four in a row, the week after we're four in a row.  So you have to evaluate very well.  With less reps, these guys have to show what they're capable of doing with less opportunities.  I think the preseason games are going to be critical for these guys as well.

(on if he would have more full padded practices)

I would have more full padded practices, yes.

(on how Marcus Mariota looked today)

It was a good start for Marcus (Mariota) today. He made a lot of... came back to some alternate routes. First guy was covered, second, back to some things on the backside, and it was rapid fire. A lot of things with his identification was very impressive. It's his second year, but you can tell even this time away, he's been busy with football and busying studying what we want to do.

(on Tajae Sharpe's potential to secure a roster spot with depth at wide receiver)

I don't know yet. Again, this is one (practice). We haven't been in pads yet. We haven't had bump-and-run, we haven't had a one-on-one yet. I don't know what's going to happen when he's got to compete and get off the line of scrimmage. That may make a difference. He hasn't been intimidated by this level or anything we've thrown at him, so I'm not anticipating him having a problem, but I've got to see it live.

(on if he is looking at Andre Johnson as an X receiver)

Starting him at a Z right now, working him inside. He can play all three. Today he played all three, but primarily he's learning the Z position.

(on if practice went as he expected)

Yeah, it was. Again, what we finished up with... we're going to do some things differently than we've done in the past. We're a little sudden change. We had a punt in the middle of practice which nobody knew we were going to throw a punt at them. The last couple plays were not in the script. Nobody knew we were going to do it. It was third downs, it was a best of three competition against the offense and the defense on third down. I think we're going to keep challenging them with competitions. I mean that's been the motto this whole offseason. It's going to continue here. Competition is going to be strong in practice and even in team meetings later on down the road.

(on if he named a winner of the offseason)

No, we have one more for the final. Right now, there is just too much going in. I can't interrupt. We have a lot of install. We have a lot of logistical meetings that are early on in camp, and then when we settle down a little bit, we'll get a definitive winner.

(on what the success of the first day of practice says about the team)

That's the make up of that locker room. They do that all the time. I mean they did that in the offseason. I think they've been waiting to get out here. I mean it's been a long five weeks since we left, six weeks. As well as they worked in the offseason, there's just really nothing to look forward to like there is now. I know the fans are excited outside of here, but these guys are as excited in here about getting things going.

(on if there is a sense of urgency to solidify the offensive line)

We have not set a timeline because of how this is all laid out with the padded practices, the preseason games. I mean I can't say by after the second preseason game, we have to have a starting offensive line. I think it's going to dictate itself. It's going to happen. I don't know when that is. I hope it's sooner than later, but no dead-set timeline.

Titans players take the field for Day 1 of training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Donn Jones

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