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Coach Mularkey's Monday Training Camp Transcript




(on if any changes were made for practicing indoors)

No. No, we didn't. We kept the practice schedule as is and really got a lot of good work done. These guys know how to operate when we have to make a sudden change like that, and went inside and really had a very crisp and sharp practice. They got a lot done. We're sorry we couldn't be in front of the fans. That was the whole intent—to get some more fans out here that work 9 to 5. Unfortunately, the weather didn't hold up for us.

(on how the team will prepare for Wednesday's practice with the Carolina Panthers)

We're still working on installs and things that we have installed over the two-week period. It's just a normal practice. We'll get into a little bit more against Carolina (Panthers)—obviously, we're playing them Saturday so we've got it scripted out to get work done but not show a lot.

(on if he'll be with the offense or defense during practice)

I'll probably stay with the offense, at least that's what my feeling is right now. But that's kind of the plan, we'll see how it goes as the practices flow.

(on the upcoming practices with the Carolina Panthers)

I'm looking forward to it. When I've done this before, it's very competitive. It's really good work for the younger players, really good work. Specifically offensively, you're going against a different front than we've been facing all offseason with the four-down front, so that's a good thing for us. I've said it before, a couple of similar teams as far as how they approach the game. It'll be very competitive, very competitive. They've been told we're not having anything after the whistle.

(on the backup plan if there is inclement weather during the joint practices with the Panthers)

We talked about that today. We can coordinate it to go in the bubble, we added a couple of different options. We'll stay in the bubble, we'll cut reps. Obviously there will be a lot of bodies in there. We'll be able to get the majority of practice in, but we may have to cut reps in order to do it in the time frame we want to.

(on running back DeMarco Murray returning to practice)

He looked good. He actually did more than I was expecting. I'm the one that pulled him out of the team period because of the number of reps he had up to that point. I was pleased with the way he looked.

(on defensive tackle Jurrell Casey sitting out of tonight's practice)

That was the OSPY (Offseason Player of the Year) night, yes it was. Probably a good night, being on the turf. He earned it. He practices, he played hard.

(on the team responding to Saturday's loss against the Jets with an edge)

I think they did. I thought it was really a good practice. I thought it was a physical practice. I didn't see a lot of mistakes that I saw the other night. I think they got the point. I made it very clear this morning about how critical those mistakes were. I put tape up that showed the same plays in practice, really the same plays in the same game that were successful and then all of a sudden why we made some mistakes on the same thing. Those are the things we need to clean up. I think that point was made pretty clear. It was a crisp practice.

Titans players take the field for Day 17 of the team's 2017 training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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