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Coach Mularkey's Monday Training Camp Transcript




(opening statement)

Another night under the lights. Really, really good night for our guys, even better than probably Saturday night. I know it was better offensively than our performance Saturday night, so I was really pleased with the way they were flying around.

(on who stood out to him during tonight's practice)

I thought our line responded. I don't think we had a real good night Saturday night. We had a lot of mistakes. We had too many sacks, too many pressures. Not surprisingly, they came out here tonight and responded like I thought they would.

(on running back DeMarco Murray returning to practice)

He's close. We're easing him back into it. He did individual. He's day-to-day. We'll see how he feels after what he did today, and hopefully we'll get him out here tomorrow.

(on running back Derrick Henry taking more snaps in practice in DeMarco Murray's absence)

Any snap for anybody out here is beneficial. That's for everybody. It's been good, he's gotten a ton. We came into camp with one less back than we did last year, so all of them are getting a number of snaps. It's been beneficial.

(on running back Derrick Henry having a heavier workload in practice)

That was a heavy workload for the whole offense. This is our practice. Usually that's the case leading into it, day off, typically a day off after a day off. That was a hard practice. That was a tough, physical practice. The one's had more so Derrick (Henry) had more.

(on the success of the running game)

They had some creases tonight. That's what you want to see. I just wanted to see if the offensive line would respond from one bad night to making it a good night tonight.

(on the addition of running back Brandon Radcliff to the roster)

We're constantly watching the waiver wire, who's out there available. We had a workout here yesterday. He did some good things in the workout. With DeMarco (Murray) being limited, you're really down two backs for camp. Bring him in here and get a good look at him.

(on defensive lineman Karl Klug)

He's good. He's day-to-day. He twisted his ankle the other night. It's not serious, and you know him. To him it's hour-by-hour. He's not serious either.

(on if defensive lineman Karl Klug's injury is related to his earlier Achilles injury)

No. Same foot, not related to that. He stepped on somebody's foot, just like you twist ann ankle.

(on if there is pressure to have running back DeMarco Murray in the lineup for Saturday's game against the Jets)

Only on himself. He wants to be out here. He likes the reps, he likes to see all the things. We have a lot of moving parts on this offense. The schemes, all the things we do, he just wants to see how they're going to unfold in a practice. It's hard to do when you're standing in the back or watching it on tape. You've got to do it live to get a good feel.

(on outside linebacker Erik Walden's absence from practice)

He's got a little bit of a groin (injury). We're thinking he can go tomorrow, but he's another day-to-day guy. Nothing serious.

(on if there is a noticeable difference in practice because of the upcoming preseason game against the Jets)

No, I addressed it this morning in the team meeting that this is training camp right now. We'll get into the Jets, we're really not game planning for them. We'll talk about them more towards the end of the week. This is still the grind. This is the grind, you're talking about four days here in a row in pads coming off a couple nights this past weekend that is stressing them pretty well. This is camp, Jets will come later on.

(on what he would like to see from the team in the game against the Jets)

We haven't even talked about them yet. We're in the process of maybe sitting down here tonight and starting looking at them.

(on if the team should read into the recently released depth chart)

No, I don't think so. Other than you guys wanted one, no I don't think they need to read into it. It's on paper right now. That's the start, I'm sure that's not the way it's going to finish.

(on if veteran players were favored on the depth chart)

They're pretty balanced. We talk about our guys in personnel meetings, it's very close to the same number of reps. They're getting a fair shot.

(on if he thinks wide receiver Tre McBride is doing a lot of things right)

Yes, on some days. He's got to be more consistent. This is going on his fourth year, and going into your fourth year you need to be more consistent. Some of the little things that are important at that position he needs to do better, and do them more consistently.

(on if rookie running back Khalfani Muhammad's poor performance helps to solidify rookie cornerback Adoree' Jackson in the punt return role)

We have more than Adoree' (Jackson) as well, but that's something that's new for Khalfani (Muhammad). He's working it; obviously he needs a lot more work. Tough in this environment—with the lights—but we have a lot of options so that's the nice part about it.

(on if the return position is something a player needs a background in or if he just needs skills)

Again, that's something you've got to work. It's an art. Adoree' (Jackson) has, obviously, very good skills. There is technique, really a lot of technique into catching a punt. To me, it's one of the most difficult positions there are because here you are, you're looking up and you know there's guys coming down there to knock your lights out. And you've just got to trust your instincts, your skills, and your guys on your unit—that they're going to protect you. And he's (Adoree' Jackson) got the most skills right now.

(on rookie cornerback Adoree' Jackson making plays)

He's made some plays. He made a play here tonight in the one-on-one drill that I was wondering if he was going to get his head around on the go route and he just snapped it. Right when the ball came in, snatched the ball out of the air. It was a great play. That's the second time he's done that. He's doing some things we haven't really been consistently doing around here since I've been here.

(on cornerback Adoree' Jackson in the slot)

His athletic ability will be one of his strengths being in there. His quickness—he's a good player.

(on if he'd been waiting to incorporate quarterback Marcus Mariota in the run game)

No, we've had it in since day one. It's just based on the read—whether he's going to run it or not. Some of them we have more than one option on those plays. It just so happened tonight the option for him to run came up.

(on the progress of rookie wide receiver Taywan Taylor)

I like it a lot. He's got a lot on his plate for a young player. It's not easy in this offense. Again, we ask him to do a lot, especially in the slot. I think he is coming along. It's been good for him—all the reps—there's no question he's improved because of it.

(on rookie wide receiver Taywan Taylor's mental toughness)

No, it's more just seeing it over and over. Mentally he's pretty sharp. Again, for knowing all the positions he knows he's pretty sharp with it. And again, he's very involved in special teams. He needs to know a lot when he comes out here and he does. It's just a matter of doing it over and over.

(on how many guys will get opportunities during the kick/punt return on Saturday's preseason game against the Jets)

I haven't talked about it yet. We really have not talked about the Jets. Personnel will come up Thursday night.

Titans players take the field for Day 10 of the team's 2017 training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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