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Coach Mularkey's Friday Training Camp Transcript



(opening statement)

Alright, very good night for the Titans and Centennial High School and Williamson County. I think our players really enjoyed the environment, based on the way they practiced and I think we got a lot done. I think people were pleased to see what kind of team we have.

(on if 6,800 is a good turnout)

That's a great turnout. Yeah, I think that is. For Friday nights there's lots to do in Nashville and (to) have them come out here and support us I think that's a great number.

(on how worried he is about rookie wide receiver Corey Davis' injury)*

It's week to week. And again, I'm not worried because there's nothing I can do about it. I mean there's nothing in my control—he's just going to try to get better every day. But I'll know more, better in a week and that's the way I'm going to label it right now—week to week.

(on if Corey Davis will be out for the preseason game against the Jets)

I would say, yes.

(on if Corey Davis being out gives rookie wide receiver Taywan Taylor more opportunities)

It does. It does because it kind of moves (Eric) Decker out to outside, gets Taywan (Taylor) inside, which is good for both those guys to get the reps.

(on tomorrow night's practice at Nissan Stadium)

A little different tomorrow night—it's a controlled scrimmage. We've got 10 drives scheduled, we'll see if it fits into the time frame. But, it'll be ones against ones. It's situational, it'll be five drives of nine plays or more. Then we'll get in the red zone, get some red zone work and some more live goal line tomorrow night. But it will be different tomorrow night; it'll be more game-like situations.

(on if it was fun practicing at a high school)

Yeah, it was really fun. I've always enjoyed this. I've done this before at other places I've been. It's a great environment, it's fun for everybody. I know the players' energy level was great coming down here and they didn't fail to preform like we'd hoped.

(on what factors went into choosing Centennial High School for the Friday Night Lights practice)

A lot of things. Logistically, location, parking, seating, field, just a number of factors that played into it that was best for us this time around.

(on the team performing in front of the large crowd)

Both sides had their times that they were dominant up front, and I liked that. I liked the goal-line period, where it was live. It was very competitive in practice, very competitive, and that's what you want to see when you come out here. In particular, individuals, I thought (Eric) Decker in the two-minute drills made some plays that gave us a chance to score there at the end.

(on the chemistry building between wide receiver Eric Decker and quarterback Marcus Mariota)

I think you see a trust between the two of them, and rightfully so. They've had some time to work. They worked prior to training camp starting. Just in this week of practice they've connected a lot of times. There's a chemistry there.

(on linebacker Jayon Brown's performance during practice)

He can run. He can run, he can cover. He's a physical player, he's a smart player. He's got a good future if he just keeps doing what he's doing. I took up all their notes tonight, all the rookies' notes, and his were very thorough and precise, and that's what I was looking for. It shows up in his play. 

(on cornerback Logan Ryan covering wide receiver Eric Decker during practice)

Those were contested catches and very tight coverage. Logan (Ryan) got the better of him on one-on-one, from what I've heard. You've got two guys competing, one in the one-on-one drill and the other in the team period.

Titans players take the field for Day 7 of the team's 2017 training camp at Centennial High School. (Photos: Donn Jones Photography)

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