Coach Mularkey's Friday Training Camp Transcript



(on the lighting in the bubble)

It gives off a pretty good one. We've had them all up and they're all running. It's really good in here. So we're addressing that. We're going to fix these hopefully when we get out of here today.

(on being able to practice in the new bubble)

Yeah, we've had some walk-throughs in here. The last couple of days we've been walking through here. This is really the first full-speed practice. Yeah, I think it's very positive having that turf. I know this, I was having a hard time standing on the other turf because it was just so worn down. My body, and I know some of the coaches bodies, were feeling it just standing on it. So you can tell a difference immediately.

(on Aaron Wallace returning to practice)*

Yeah, he's amazing the way—the recovery. It really is. He's been outstanding with the rehab and he wants to come out here. He's willing to come out here. He's not going to play. He and Kevin Dodd are going to go through the pregame warm-ups, go through the whole procedure of that, but they will not play this one. But I'd say they'd play next week against Oakland.

(on how he will evaluate Dennis Kelly given that he's had less than a week to acclimate)

That is a bonus to him. If he can function at a high level and not make a lot of mistakes and play at the level that we expect him to, I think he'll surprise a lot of people. He's a smart guy. Again, you're playing a position—there's not a gazillion rules, but the experience he has is certainly going to help him. I think he'll do well.

(on if they will account for potential bad weather in the game plans)

You kind of deal with it as it comes. We're not going to have a plan A and a plan B based on it. We'll adjust as it goes because I've seen it many a times it was supposed to and it didn't and it wasn't and it did. So we'll adjust as we go, just like we'll have to do in the regular season.

(on which players he will rule out tomorrow)

Kendall (Wright), (Kevin) Dodd, (Aaron) Wallace, Perrish (Cox) is out and J-Mac (Jason McCourty) is going to be questionable. He did not run really at all yesterday or today. He's got a little bit of a hip flexer—nothing that's going to hold him out other than us. He is questionable.

(on if Andrew Turzilli is questionable)

Questionable, as well. He did some things today. I'm going to see how he responds tomorrow.

(on how much the starters will play against Carolina)

A little more than they did. At the line, very similar to what they did last week. Again, a lot of it depends on drives. It's all based on how the game unfolds as it goes.

(on if there would be a benefit to Jason McCourty sitting out so they can evaluate the other defensive backs)

Yeah, I think it's like the receiver position. When you trade one, one gets injured, you get bumped up the latter there. You get more opportunities. You get more chances to show your stuff. So I think, in the long run, this is going to be good for a lot of those young guys.

(on if this will be a good physical test for the team)

Very. You know, we played them last year. We talked about their style of play. We anticipate that type of game. It may be not your normal preseason game. It's just how both teams are made up. That's their makeup. I don't think the preseason will have any difference in making that.

(on the importance of building on the team's success last week)

I think it's important we come back and not have a let down in really anything we do. You know, this is a different defense. It's a different style of defense. They're built to stop the run with the number of bodies they'll have up there. It will definitely be more of a challenge this week. We're certainly up to the challenge. I think that's going to be every week. This is a good test for us against a good defense.

(on how practicing special teams substitutions translates to games)

Well, we'll do it one more time tonight. We call them call outs. Again, a lot of guys are responsible on their own. We can only do so much. You've got to be into the game. You've got to be paying attention to what's going on in the game. That's been emphasized. It will be again emphasized again with me and Bobby (April) tonight. It's his responsibility, but everybody plays a large role in that in knowing the situations. We've done a couple things because we got caught last week from a field goal to a punt. We've got an answer now if that happens again. We were practicing that today. We'll hit it again tonight. I think sometimes you've got to have a negative happen to get something positive out of it like we did. I think we have an answer for it if it ever happens again.

(on what he would like to see out of Jack Conklin in the second game)

Just take another step forward. He has just been very steady. He's going against a different front, different blocking schemes, different people. Guys hand down in the dirt more than an outside backer, which he's been facing since he's been here in the 3-4 scheme. I'll be anxious to see how he does.

(on if he will try out Dennis Kelly at different positions on the offensive line)

I think we're going to work at the right side right now—just not overload him with anything. He'll be in there early with the second group working. I don't want to throw him around. He's got enough on his plate.

(on who the second left tackle is)

We could put (Quinton) Spain out there again. Again, our personnel meeting is at 1:30 today. We'll talk about it a little bit more, but very similar to what we did. And then Tyler (Marz) will go out there at the end of the game.

(on the importance of the first-team defense playing well early in the game)

I think they want to. We've talked about it, you know, our struggles. Really for two years, we've had some struggles with that first drive. Like I said earlier in the press conference, that's the offense's best they have to throw at you. You can make a statement by shutting that down. It's much easier said than done.

(on how much Jack Conklin is figuring out footwork in pass-rush situations)

I think he's figuring out a lot of things.  Again, we're not game-planning.  We're not sitting here going through a personnel review.  This is what this guy does, be alert for this this, if he does that, you do this, if he does this, you do that.  Some of this is on the run, you're learning about your opponent, because we're not planning these games, and we're certainly not going through the personnel we're going against.

(on if Carolina's defense crowding the box allows for good one-on-one matchups outside)

The defense has to understand that.  That's what happens.  You have to be exposed somewhere, and they've got some young corners out there.  They like to press.  We're going to do what we have to do to win the game tomorrow, but … there's more options this week than last.

(on if players will be out of the hotel tonight)

Camp ended today, but they're going to be back in the hotel tonight, and I just told them, leave your stuff in there.  You're going to have a bed check tonight, and then they'll be out tomorrow, officially out.  This is a normal game situation right now—tonight and tomorrow.

(on if Jason McCourty's injury is related to last season's groin injury)

No, it's just a tight hip, and we'll be smart with him.

(on if it's important for David Cobb to get back on track and pick up momentum)

Probably, for him— for us.  He'll get options.  He'll be in there early to get a good look at it.

(on choosing the team captains)

I'm going to let the team vote on that.  It'll be before the first game, yes.

Titans players take the field for Day 15 of training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Gary Glenn)

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