Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on the team's injuries)

91 (Derrick Morgan) did not practice and he'll be out for this game. It's still day-to-day in our opinion. 26 (Logan Ryan), cleared, he is full. Delanie (Walker), practiced, full participation, no designation. Rishard (Matthews), full, no designation.

(on if meeting a doctor and getting cleared was the last step in the concussion protocol for cornerback Logan Ryan)


(on if outside linebacker Erik Walden will start in outside linebacker Derrick Morgan's place)

(Erik) Walden will start for (Derrick) Morgan, yes.

(on if outside linebacker Kevin Dodd will see an increased number of snaps this week)


(on what he's seen from Kevin Dodd)

I think he's coming along. He's improving every week and this will help him get some experience, game experience.

(on if he hopes Kevin Dodd relishes this opportunity)

Really good opportunity for him, really good.

(on what kind of player Erik Walden has been for them)

He'll get a good (number of snaps), obviously, more than he's gotten. He's like a starter for us, the way we rotate for those guys. I don't think there's a big drop off. He sets the edge, he's violent. I've said this, he's one of the most violent players I've been around. That's my kind of guy. I don't see us missing a beat with him out there.

(on if Derrick Morgan being out will bump up other defensive players' snap counts)

Yes, for sure (Kevin) Dodd. Nate Palmer will have some snaps out there.

(on what his favorite celebration from the team this year has been)

I liked Delanie (Walker's) a couple of weeks back with the football trying to resuscitate it. It's been fun. I like that the players have had a chance to show some emotion, I think that's part of the game. I like it. It hasn't been excessive and it's been kind of fun for the fans.

(on if he hopes to see more celebrations)

I hope we see a lot of celebrations, it means good plays.

(on his least favorite celebration this season)

Probably whatever our DBs did last week where I had a phone calls from the officials that if they did it again – they should have been penalized for using the goal post.

(on if getting a call from the officials is a good lesson for the players)

Well I can tell you that we wouldn't have flipped the ball to Derrick Henry on the 10-yard line. It may have made a big difference in that game if they had penalized us like they should have.

(on if he's surprised that quarterback Marcus Mariota and running back Derrick Henry don't celebrate often)

That doesn't surprise me, that's who they are.

(on Derrick Henry jumping into the stands after his late touchdown against the Texans)

That was neat to see. That was, obviously, a huge play, helped us win the game. Like you said, he's not a real emotional guy, but he was then, to jump up in the stands and get the crowd going.

(on the preparing for the Cardinals run game with the possibility of running back Adrian Peterson being out)

They had close to, I think, 85, 90 yards in the first half last week without Adrian Peterson. They're just fine. They've got some good runners.

(on what Kerwynn Williams does differently from Adrian Peterson)

The thing about Adrian (Peterson) is his size, big, physical, can move the pile, this guy can slash and get through. If he gets through the front line, you better have people there. You've got to have guys wrapping around both of them, just one's more of a physical back, the other one more of a slashing type.

(on if there are similarities in the way that he and Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians coach offensive football due to both having spent time in Pittsburgh)

You know, from what I understood, they kept the offense pretty similar from when I first left and then it kind of evolved into their own philosophy, which that's usually the case for most people. He has his own, I have my own, I don't know if they're the same now. I know they tried to keep ours going there for when I first left and had some success with it. It's evolved to something else now.

(on how long Derrick Morgan has been dealing with his injury)

A game.

(on if Derrick Morgan's injury was something that was bothering him before the game)

No. You guys get all the injury reports, so no, he didn't miss a beat during the game.

(on if he senses that the players are excited about the week ahead)

Very focused, I can say that. We've had a very good week of practice. Intensity's been, even today, one of our more intense Fridays. I didn't have to prod them to move around, they were moving around pretty darn good. Focus has been really good.

(on if tackle and Arizona-native Taylor Lewan is the 'activities coordinator' for the week)

I haven't talked to them about anything next week. They have the schedule up until 2:05, after that, they have no idea what's going on.

(on how he rates his packing job)

Betsy (Mularkey) did a great job.

Titans players take the field for Friday's practice at Saint Thomas Sports Park. (Photos: Gary Glenn)

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