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Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript




(opening statement)

84 (Corey Davis) and 37 (Johnathan Cyprien) will be listed as out for the game, 8 (Marcus Mariota) will be listed as questionable. Everybody else, all healthy, ready to go.

(on if quarterback Marcus Mariota will be a game-time decision on Sunday)


(on what Marcus Mariota was able to do in practice today)

A little more.

(on how Marcus Mariota looked in practice)

Good for what we asked him to do.

(on how quarterback Matt Cassel did during the course of the week with the increased number of reps)

That always helps to be able to take more reps and execute the game plan. I thought he did well, he did better and better each day of the week.

(on how Marcus Mariota has said that he's feeling)

We're not putting him to a point that it would make it any worse, so he actually feels pretty good right now.

(on if Marcus Mariota will participate in tomorrow's walk through)

Possibly. We'll talk about that when we meet here later.

(on Matt Cassel's chemistry with the receivers)

Better be good.

(on if he likes what he's seen this week in practice from Matt Cassel and the receivers)

Yeah, they throw a lot on the side as well. When we're doing special teams periods, and I'm talking we're going back the end of July, the throw, they throw routes with each other. It's not like it's the first week they throw.

(on how former Titan Anthony Fasano has been playing for the Dolphins)

He's doing fine. He's playing a similar role that he played here. He's doing good.

(on how wide receiver Corey Davis is progressing)

On schedule.

(on what the timetable for Corey Davis' return is)

When he's healthy he'll come out here and do whatever we feel is going to put him in a position not to hurt himself again, but he's on schedule.

(on if Corey Davis and safety Johnathan Cyrpien are at the same point in their recovery)

I think Corey (Davis) is further ahead.

(on if Corey Davis is still week-to-week)

It's still a week-to-week thing.

(on if there is a chance Corey Davis returns to practice next Monday)

If he's healthy next week yeah. It's not like we're going to check him tomorrow, it's a week-to-week thing.

(on if he liked what he saw from Matt Cassel in this week of practice)

Yes, Matt (Cassel), he's done this a few times. He's got a lot of starts, a lot of wins, so we're confident in Matt (Cassel).

(on how reassuring Matt Cassel's past success is to the team)

I think it gives you confidence, gives players around him (confidence). Matt (Cassel) prepares every week like he's the starter, players see that, nothing new this week. Players have a lot of respect for him and what he's done.

(on if he grew up a Dolphins fan)

No, I did not.

(on if he went to Dolphins games as a kid)

A few, not very many, no. That was when they were truly in Miami, so no, I didn't. looks back at the team's all-time series against the Miami Dolphins. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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