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Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript




(on how running back DeMarco Murray practiced today)

He looked better today. He took more snaps today, obviously limited, but took some more snaps.

(on how DeMarco Murray will be listed for Sunday's game)


(on if DeMarco Murray's status for Sunday's game will be a game-time decision)

I'll let you know. That's something, that's the kind of injury it is, watch and see, see how he is when he wakes up in the morning.

(on if DeMarco Murray's status for the game will be a collective decision)

Yeah, we'll talk it through. We've been pretty smart to this point, we're not going to subject anybody to further injury.

(on if running back Derrick Henry will be listed as the starter on Sunday)

We'll see Sunday.

(on if not establishing a starter creates mystery for the Seahawks)

I don't think it matters. They're both very good backs. I don't think it matters who starts and who doesn't, they're both backs that can be productive in the league. I don't know if there's any secret as to who's on the piece of paper as the top guy or not.

(on if they plan to have continued success in the run game)

I'm not planning for failure. The plan in success every time we walk on the field.

(on how Derrick Henry is in pass protection)

Good, could be better, that's something he knows he can work on and be better. DeMarco (Murray) has got years of more experience, and I think it shows that he does, but he's getting better.

(on how Seahawks defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson fits in on Seattle's defensive line)

Just adds another guy that we've got to block and (they've) already got a tough enough front, just adds to the mix. It's a good front.

(on if the Seahawks traveling from the West Coast and playing in hotter weather impacts how the coaching staff plans to attack them in Sunday's game)

No, I'm sure they've got a plan, we always do, how we travel, how to make sure our guys are ready to go when they step on the field. I don't know what will be different for them. They've done this a lot, they've been together a long time, and they've been pretty successful the way they do things. I don't think we'll have to plan any different than we always do.

(on if the team will be wearing white or light blue jerseys on Sunday)

No, we're wearing our home jerseys, our (navy) blue jerseys.

(on how tight end Jonnu Smith responded this week to the success that he had last week)

I thought he had a good week. He's constantly working, trying to get better. He had a good week, he's still got some work to do. I think that's going to continue through this year, his rookie year. He's going to keep learning.

(on him favoring two-tight-end sets)

It really depends on who you have, it really does, it depends on your personnel. We've been fortunate, we've had a good core of tight ends here since I've been here, trying to use all of the talent we have.

(on if cornerback Tye Smith is a go for Sunday's game)

Can he play in the game? Yes, he can play in the game.

(on if there are any other injuries)

Just Johnathan (Cyprien) and Corey (Davis) were the only two that did not practice today.

(on if there will be any other designations for Sunday's game)

Just DeMarco (Murray) as questionable. Other than that, everybody else was good.

(on if wide receiver Corey Davis has 'his head on right')

He's outstanding right now. He's into the game plan, he's studying, he's supporting his teammates, he's trying to get well as much as he can. He's in a good place with his mental part of the game.

(on if anyone talked to Corey Davis about staying strong mentally)

We have some veterans in there. Harry Douglas is in there, (Eric) Decker is in there. We've got some guys, Rishard (Matthews) has been in there, Coach (Terry Robiskie) played in the league, so there's some good quality people that can talk to him, but he doesn't need much talking to." looks back at the all-time series against the Seattle Seahawks. (AP Photos)

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