Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on practice participation)

Out today and out for the game will be Sean Spence. He should be ready to go next week. Limited—(David) Bass, Jurrell (Casey) and (Karl) Klug. They'll be questionable for the game—game-time decision.

(on if he was pleased with Jurrell Casey's progress throughout the week)

Yeah. I mean, if I'm comparing it to last week, I'm very pleased with it.

(on if the weather has a factor in the status of the questionable players)

The weather has nothing to do with it.

(on what Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug need to show to be able to play)

I've got to see them in the morning after they did more work today than they did yesterday. Then we'll decide on whether we need to work them out before the game.

(on if both Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug could be active for the game to play one spot)

That's one of the options. Again, we'll go through all the options when we go in here today of the what-ifs.

(on if he expected Jurrell Casey and Karl Klug would have increased participation in Friday's practice)

Yeah, that was the plan from the start of the week.

(on how the cold weather impacts players during a game)

I think when you get warmed up—I mean, I played in a lot of cold games. I can't remember a lot of things being different once I got heated up. The hard part is if you're a backup staying loose and going in. I did that a lot, too. You've got to find a way. Once you're playing though, it's no different.

(on how Marcus Mariota practiced in the cold this week)

He was fine. Yeah, it didn't bother him.

(on if it is better to play in extreme cold or extreme heat)

I'd say I can get warm. It's hard to get cool.

(on if noise makes Arrowhead Stadium a tough place to play)

It's noise. You've got to deal with the noise. It's always been that way. I've played a lot of games there. It's really a fun environment for the NFL, really fun.

(on if having a run-heavy offense is an advantage in cold weather)

I think our offense probably plays in our favor, but we're going to do whatever we have to do to win. I mean, that's not one or the other. It's whatever it takes Sunday.

(on if he encourages players to wear sleeves)

No, it's really up to them. Whatever it takes for them to play at the highest level when they step on the field—whatever they eat, whatever they wear, whatever they do, ritual—I don't care what it is, but when they step on the field, they're ready to go. It doesn't matter to me. It's game time.

(on if he emphasizes the game weather with the team)

The only time it's been a big deal is when I walk over here, honestly. I know it's not going to be this temperature, but it's mid-20s. It's going to be 10 degrees colder than this. I don't think it's going to be a big deal.

(on what the Chiefs have done to have a good turnover margin)

They're where they're supposed to be. They do their job. They swarm to the ball. A lot of guys are making tackles, a lot of bodies around it, very disciplined, very well-coached team and opportunistic. I mean, they've made some plays. We've had chances to make a lot of plays. Earlier in the year, we didn't make them. They've made them all year long.

(on forcing and recovering more turnovers following the Denver game)

The turnover thing is preached plenty. Hopefully, it comes in bunches. We got a good start last week. It made a difference in the outcome of the game. It made the difference.

(on if seeing the results of forcing turnovers will push the players to force more)

I would think. I think that would be the case, yeah.

(on the advantage Ryan Succop will have having played several years in Kansas City)

Yeah, I'm sure that helps him. I would think that would be in his favor, yes.

(on if Jason McCourty's injury last season has slowed him this year)

No, I think we've got a good rotation. We've got a lot of new faces around here, some young guys. We're giving them a chance to make plays and get their opportunities. No, I don't think the injury has anything to do with this year. looks back at the team's all-time series against the Kansas City Chiefs. (AP Photos)

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