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Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on if Derrick Henry practiced on Friday)

Derrick's (Henry) back out. He fully participated.

(on if Derrick Henry will play Sunday)


(on if he was encouraged by Derrick Henry's quick recovery)*

Very. Yeah, he's a tough guy. Very encouraged by it, and I think it's good for our football team.

(on if he will need to see Derrick Henry in pregame warmups to be sure he can play)

No. We'll have one questionable, and that will be Aaron Wallace. That's it.

(on DeMarco Murray)

He's good. Yeah, just managing it as best we can. He's another tough guy.

(on if Derrick Henry is poised to continue his production from the Jacksonville game)

He's played good every time he's played. It wasn't just Jacksonville. I mean, go back to San Diego preseason. He's played good every time he's played.

(on Rishard Matthews' high number of touchdowns in the last five weeks)

Well, first of all, we're getting down to where we're in position to score. The scheming has been good. The coverages have helped, and when the ball's been there, he's made the plays. That's been the big thing. He's making some plays on contesting throws.

(on if he expects an adjustment period with so many new players on the roster)*

Yeah, there's a lot of new phases. This is a new scheme offensively, for the most part. We had a change in special teams. Defensively, not as much, but there are a lot of new faces. Again, we're trying to build something here. Like I've said a number of times, I think we're on the right track of what we want to get accomplished, but there's still room we have to address.

(on what Marcus Mariota's accuracy in the red zone says about his poise and leadership)

A lot of things happen down there fast. If you don't have a guy that can make quick decisions, it can be hard. I've been with some quarterbacks that can take you right down the field and we get down there and it changes. It is a different mentality. It's a different approach. That doesn't faze him. He's a very quick thinker and very quick release, obviously. It's very small windows—you saw last week to Delanie's (Walker) touchdown. That's what he's capable of doing.

(on the test Green Bay's offense will be for the defense)

This will be a challenge. It's four-wides, five-wides, 200 snaps in our breakdown of that, a lot of fast guys in open space. Again, it's Aaron Rodgers with a very good receiving core. It will be a very good challenge for us.

(on how rotating four safeties all season will pay off against Green Bay)*

Again, this is a different style of offense—more spread out, more receivers—so you won't have as many safeties this time. So it's really just a different plan this week than it's been in the past because of how teams have approached us with their run games or their formations or their personnel. This is a little different this week.

(on if it's harder or easier to pressure a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers who gets outside the pocket versus a quarterback with a quick release)

It's harder. I mean, he's a lot like Marcus (Mariota). If he's out of the pocket, he's very dangerous. You've seen him. I mean, you've seen Hail Mary throws that have been completed because of him. You've got to be disciplined. Sometimes that's hard. You'll see some things as a rush that I can think I can get him, you get out of your lane, you let him break containment and it's not good. We have to be very disciplined with our rush. We've got to pressure him by doing it the right way. looks back at the all-time series between the Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers. (AP Photos)

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