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Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on the injury report)

In regard to the injuries, (Da'Norris) Searcy and (Cody) Riggs will be out. Questionable will be (Nate) Palmer. He came in this morning and had a knee that was bothering him, so we did an MRI and we just thought it was good to hold him out. He and Delanie (Walker) will be questionable for the game.

(on if LeShaun Sims practiced today)


(on if Delanie Walker's condition has improved throughout the week)*

Yeah, I've seen improvement. He took more reps today. We're just being smart with him. I'd give him more rest. He's a guy that's been around long enough; he doesn't need a bunch of reps.

(on if he feels confident Delanie Walker will be ready by Sunday)

I feel confident, but he may be a workout before to see how confident. We'll see. We're still talking about that.

(on if Kendall Wright continued to make progress this week)

Yeah, I thought Kendall (Wright) had a good week. That's what we wanted. We wanted three days in a row, full speed, in and out of breaks, things like that. I thought he did that well.

(on if he thinks they will have Kendall Wright available on Sunday)

Yes, we should.

(on if DeAndre Hopkins is as good at making contested catches as any receiver in the league)

Yes, he does it all. He's a go-to guy. He's a very good third-down receiver. One thing he does, if you put the ball near him, there's a pretty good chance he's coming down with it. Odds are he's coming down with it, based on what he's done.

(on why the run defense has been successful this season)

I think a lot of it is being disciplined, being where you're supposed to be. That's really Coach (Dick) LeBeau. He's always had a tough defense to run against if guys do their jobs, basically. They're in their gaps. Everybody has a responsibility to be in a certain place. If they're there and we tackle, then it's a tough front to run against. A lot of moving pieces, a lot of people have to be responsible for where they're at, and then they have to tackle. When we haven't, we've given up some big runs.

(on how Tajae Sharpe responded in practice this week)

He had a good week of work. He had a real good week of work.

(on if Tajae Sharpe's primary struggle has been with depths of routes)

Yeah, depths—more of that than anything—and making some of the plays I know he's capable of making.

(on if he feels like Tajae Sharpe is healthy enough to play this weekend)

Yes, I do.

(on how Tajae Sharpe responds to criticism or being challenged)

Some guys are different. It can go two ways. He goes the way of, "I know already myself. I don't need anybody to remind me. I know already." But again, it's something I'm always going to talk to them about, and they can respond. He responded positively, which I knew he would.

(on how many receivers will be active this week)

I don't know. This is probably the one week out of the four so far—we've got some spots we've got to look at based on a lot of things. It's something that's going to be decided Sunday morning, and that includes the wide receiver position.

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