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Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on if Delanie Walker practiced today)

Delanie—we backed off him today. We just backed off him working today. He's questionable. Actually, Kendall (Wright) did really well today. We'll keep him questionable, and (Derrick) Morgan the same.

(on if he feels comfortable with both Brian Schwenke and Josh Kline at right guard)

I do with both of them. I really do, and obviously both have to be ready to play in a moment's notice.

(on if Jace Amaro has a package of plays to know if called upon)*

Yeah, I mean the last two weeks, that's kind of been the plan with him. If he had to go, he knew specific plays that pertain specifically to him. Same with this week—maybe now with Delanie's (Walker) situation, more on his plate. He's got a pretty good grasp of the whole offense. There's some things we're going hold him (on) if we had to, and we're prepared otherwise with other personnel for that, too.

(on how long it will take Kendall Wright to return to full speed)

Again, I think this was a good week. He got a lot of good reps, took more and more each (day). If he doesn't play this week, I think next week. It's practice, it's play and it's as many reps as you can get. The more he does, the faster he'll get into that shape. It's not going to be an immediate play a whole game I wouldn't think, but he wouldn't have to.

(on if Kendall Wright provides a dynamic that has been missing)

He's got some quicks and ability in the slot to do some things. Harry (Douglas) has some things he does better than Kendall (Wright), and Kendall has some things he does better in the slot. There's more options and choices, things that you've got to read and play off of what the coverages are. Kendall does a really good job of that.

(on the benefit on Sundays of practicing in the heat)

We've had a pretty good bit of the heat. You don't even see these guys flinching. I mean the practices are not long. I think we've done a good job with the way we've scheduled them. I cut out a lot of plays from what we had the last two years, so they know that. We're not out here very long. They have the option—I talked to them about going inside and get out of the heat. Not a one is worried about it. That's part of the home-field advantage to me.

(on Delanie Walker injuring his hamstring trying to get out of a hold)

That happens a lot. That's why you really don't want guys in practice grabbing guys' jerseys from behind. A lot of times I've seen that—a lot of injuries from that.

(on if Delanie Walker could sit out a week of practice and be ready to play)

Yeah, he's done everything, so yes he could.

(on how they will handle Delanie Walker between now and Sunday)

Treatment, and a lot of that is rest. There's some machines and obviously everything we have available is here, so a lot of that.

(on if he might keep all tight ends active on Sunday)

We'll talk about it. That's a discussion every day we have in regards to who those inactives are, so we'll talk through that.

(on his thoughts on Kevin Dodd)

Expecting good things. I've seen what he's capable of doing and his teammates have. I think there's even more to come. The more he gets experience, I think he can be a force to be reckoned with if he, again, just improves week after week.

(on if the benefit of Derrick Morgan's injury is the experience Kevin Dodd is gaining)

Down the road, it's going to be great for us—for him and for us. looks back at the all-time series against the Oakland Raiders. (AP Photos)

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