Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on if Kendall Wright and Derrick Morgan have a chance to play Sunday)

Probably not. Neither one practiced this week. I mean Kendall (Wright) did some things in individual, but (Derrick) Morgan did nothing, and I think it was smart. We're trying to just make sure we have him next week. I think we will.

(on if Kendall Wright and Derrick Morgan are ruled out for the game)


(on if he feels good about how the outside linebackers practiced this week)*

I do. Again, like I said, David (Bass) has really been impressive this whole offseason. That hasn't stopped through today. (Kevin) Dodd has had a good week. He's been flying around. I've kind of challenged him a little bit, not just to see what he can do in the game, but I want to see what he can do in practice. I think he showed some things.

(on if he has an initial impression on Josh Kline)

At guard, yes. He can do some good things for you at guard, but actually, we're going to move him to center next week—get a little more work with him at center. I mean when he goes into a game, he's got to obviously know both positions very well. We started him off a little bit on the slow end trying to make sure he got all the guard stuff down, but the center will come into play next week.

(on if Josh Kline's move to center will move Brian Schwenke to guard)*

Again, that's a weekly—everything is by the week. We'll just play it by ear.

(on the decision to practice inside today)

A little bit to get out of the heat, to run around on the turf, just to get a feel for the turf.

(on if he will talk to the rookies about keeping their composure on the road)

I'm trying to think of one that I would have to have that talk to. That's a good sign. Maybe (Kevin) Dodd would be one guy, but the guys on offense have been playing with the ones for so long. They played in a game—as close to a regular season game—at Oakland, which was a pretty good environment right there. I don't think I need to have any special talks to them about it. I mean I may just jump up their anxiety the more I talk to them.

(on the reason they plan to move Josh Kline from guard to center)

So if we have to have him up, he would know both positions, like (Brian) Schwenke does right now.

(on if they are ruling Josh Kline out from playing guard)*

No, it's just his ability to play a couple positions will make his value to be up much better.

(on the chemistry of the starting offensive line and what would change the lineup)

Yeah, I mean we've had the same five guys for, like I said, the longest time since I've been here. You're not changing the five. You're really not changing the five right now. You're looking at depth all the time at all positions, not just the O-line.

(on the importance of tackling the Lions running backs in the open field)

Pretty critical. All you've got to do is put on the tape. It's not just the passing game. They've got a pretty good one cut and go. You've got to tackle them.

(on if he was happy with the tackling in Week 1)*

I was, yes.

(on if the Detroit offense will be a good challenge for players like Sean Spence and Avery Williamson, especially concerning the Lions running backs)

Yes, yeah it is. It will be, and our safeties as well.

(on what the Detroit running backs do well coming out of the backfield)

Scatbacks, very quick, in and out of breaks, can run multiple routes.

(on if Tim Shaw will travel to Detroit with the team)

No, Tim (Shaw) had prior plans.

(on if Tim Shaw's presence with the team will continue)

Yeah, Tim (Shaw) is going to be around a lot. He's actually going to do some things with us looking at some film, do some scouting for us and some evaluations, as well. So he's got an iPad to help us out. looks back at the all-time series between the Tennessee Titans and Detroit Lions. (Photos: Donn Jones, AP)

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