Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on the approach of the last practice of the season)

Well, there were still a lot of things we had to cover today, obviously, some different phases, short yards, goal line, more red zone. It was the same as every other week, coming out here focused to get prepared and ready to play on Sunday. It's no different.

(on if it helped having Alex Tanney in practice this week, especially with his experience in Indianapolis)

That helps being in that room for as much time as he was in there. He does retain a lot. Obviously, when he came back here he remembered a lot of our stuff or as much as he could.

(on if the team is preparing to face Matt Hasselbeck)*

I'm thinking that, yeah. I've been thinking that from the beginning. We'll just adjust, that's the thing.

(on if the team will approach the game the same no matter who is playing quarterback for Indianapolis)

It's really not going to change. It's the offensive scheme that they run. They're not going to change the scheme the last game of the year, regardless of who it is.

(on the injury statuses for Taylor Lewan and Kendall Wright)

They'll be out.

(on if Taylor Lewan made any progress in the concussion protocol)

Not really. Actually, there was a point that he was feeling a lot better, but not so much, not well enough.

(on why Wesley Woodyard wasn't at practice)

Illness, I sent him home.

(on if Wesley Woodyard will still play Sunday)


(on why Sammie Hill did not practice)

Sammie (Hill), a little bit of a foot (injury). He should be ready to play as well.

(on if he was happy with the year Byron Bell had)

Yeah, I mean, I'm glad we have him. He's been called upon, obviously, he's been moved around and that can be frustrating, but he's never complained. He just moves and works at what he's trying to do. Now at the left tackle position, fortunately, he's played and started multiple games, so that's helped. But he's been very good for our team.

(on Robert Mathis's age not slowing him down)

He's still off the edge, especially at home when he's got a little bit of the crowd noise, which can be pretty significant there. It's one of the louder stadiums, I think, which is unique because it's really filled with a bunch of families that are loud. It's kind of a neat environment. That helps edge rushers immensely.

(on Michael Griffin's status as he was limited in practice all week)

I think he's fine. We've been smart with him, being this last game and inside. We're just monitoring him.

(on not producing many points with Zach Mettenberger at quarterback)

We have to find ways, not just offensively, but we haven't really done anything to produce points in either of the other two phases. That would be a big help. We've been talking about it, it's part of our list to try to get, not just turnovers, but turnovers for points. But we need to be more productive…and get some points offensively.

(on looking back on the last nine weeks)

It's busy, very busy, but I enjoy my job. I really enjoy it and being around these guys, it's fun to come into work. I think it's fun for them and I'd like to end on a win, obviously. I think they all would.

(on if he would move Marcus Mariota to Injured/Reserve if he needed a roster spot)

No, we could, but we really haven't even talked about it. That is an option.

(on if he will talk to Steve Underwood and Amy Adams Strunk about his status on Monday)

I really don't know, to be honest, what the format is. I'm going to come in, the staff knows we are all going to come in here on Monday and I will remain the head coach until I'm told otherwise. We've got a plan for the week, really, for the beginning part of the week, and then the coaches are going to take some time off and we're going to move forward that way.

(on how this head coaching stint has compared to his others)

It's been a little different. Obviously, you're prepared for the other ones. You've kind of gotten a whole offseason to get yourself ready and this was right in the middle of the week, of a game week. Again, you're dealing with things that are in place already, whether they're right or wrong, if you philosophically believe them or not, you have to deal with what you have and move forward. I knew that when I accepted it.

(on not saying 'woe is me' in regards to his future)

You can't do that, that's not good for anybody, not good for myself and certainly not good for our team to see that. That's not my attitude anyhow.

(on trying not to think about his future this weekend)

I'll have plenty of time come Monday, yeah. I know something is going to happen and we'll find out more about it then.


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