Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on what the team liked about Damaris Johnson)

His return ability and he has some game experience.  He has 30 plus catches, but just his return experience with both kicks and punts.

(on if Damaris Johnson has a chance to be active on Sunday)*

We are going to see.  He actually just got here this morning and came midstream into meetings.  We will see how far he can go with all the information we are going to throw at him.

(on the status of Kendall Wright and Da'Norris Searcy)

They will be out.

(on going against a Tom Brady led offense without starting safety Da'Norris Searcy)

I think it will be (difficult) with anybody.  He presents problems for whoever.  It would be nice to have your starters in there obviously for this game.

(on the importance of having the young wide receivers step up with Kendall Wright out)

I think it is real important.  It is a great opportunity for them.  I'm glad they have some experience going back to (Andrew) Turzilli even one game experience is better than nothing.  They are just going to need to make some plays for us and hopefully take the load off some of those other guys.  It will be a good experience for them and hopefully a positive one.

(on the importance of a fast start)

It is always important to start fast.  I would like to see us play a complete game in all three phases and see where we are from start to finish. Obviously, getting a fast start is important with that.

(on if he can remember going into a game with three of four receivers being rookies)

I don't think I have had that experience before to be honest with you.  It is part of the NFL and it is what it is.  Those guys need to step up and there are plenty of teams and the Patriots are a good example of a team that has had injuries every year and guys step in there and compete and they win with them.  That is what we expect from our guys.

(on the challenges of having three of four receivers being rookies)

There is nothing like game experience.  Obviously, they are getting it and thrown in the fire.  There are really no choices and they have to play and they have to play well for us to have a chance to win.  That is making plays in the air and making plays blocking.  We are depending on them.

(on Damaris Johnson playing against his former team and if there will be a debriefing)

I'm sure we will have some conversations.  We will definitely do that.  He is going to sit with all the coaches both his to get up to speed and then we will see if there is anything we can use for this game.

(on defending Tom Brady and pressuring him)

He is very smart.  We are not going to catch him off guard with anything.  He has seen it all and he is very good about making adjustments and he knows where his mismatches are going to be.  He also knows the protection has to hold up on some of those.  We will see.

(on the weather conditions at practice today and how that relates to Marcus Mariota)

Actually that was pretty good for us because the winds are supposed to be very similar to what we had today.  It may be a little warmer, maybe sunny, but it was good to practice in that weather for all of our guys, especially Marcus (Mariota) throwing the ball around and the young guys catching a football in the cold.

(on Phillip Supernaw)

He injured his ankle yesterday.  We are still thinking he is going to be capable of playing so we kept him off of it and kept him in a boot.


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