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Coach Mularkey's Friday Practice Transcript



(on if Quinton Spain will benefit from having a start under his belt going into Sunday's game)

Any little bit of experience helps. Again, it's different starting from going in the middle of a game and replacing, which he's done before. He's gone in, obviously, he's run plays, but starting a game, he's much more confident and comfortable and you've got a good feel for it. Having one under his belt is very good for him.

(on the challenge of a young offensive line)*

Well, there's not a lot of time together. That's the one group you can think of and everybody knows that needs to have some time together. Communication is imperative. You know what the other guy is thinking, feeling, what he's going to do when the ball snaps and obviously, we haven't had that really since we've been here. As of late, we've just been trying to find the best five. It's important, it's very important. We're going to try to find those guys and hopefully this is it. We'll get another game for Quinton (Spain) and see if he gets better than he was last week.

(on Mike Martin's knee injury)

It's just aggravated, an old injury. We're just being precautionary with him right now.

(on Mike Martin's status for Sunday)

We put him as out.

(on if anyone else is out for Sunday)

Dexter (McCluster) right now, and I think that's it.

(on the status of other injured players)

Yeah, we're going to wait and see. At this time of year, where we are, it's just more of seeing where they're at for the game and being careful with them out here.

(on if Derrick Morgan will be questionable again)


(on if Derrick Morgan will be back at 100 percent by the end of the year)

I don't think that's going to be the case, no. You try to strengthen that shoulder and that's about the only thing you can do to get it better. We've been doing that since the injury, so I think it's going to be ongoing.

(on if Derrick Morgan will just need to rest his shoulder after the season or if he will need surgery)

That's all been discussed, but we're kind of just taking it day by day. Again, the biggest thing we've been doing is trying to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder to help.

(on if Derrick Morgan's injury is easier to play through on the pass rush but more difficult against the run)

Really, it's a matter of both. Regardless, you have different moves of how you're trying to attack the blocker. I'd say it's pretty important at that position with the shoulders. 

(on if he knows what the league meeting will be about today)

I have no idea what it is. I don't know what it is.

(on if he heard about Sammie Hill's comment about elevating his leap to the size of a three-ring binder)

No, I did not. That's good to know, but no, I didn't see that. I'll have to ask him.


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