Coach Fisher's Wednesday Training Camp Report


(on training camp)

Overall, it was a good camp. It was a solid camp, we got a lot done during the training camp period but we still have some work yet to do. We have to finish the week up and then we've got a short week next week. I think from the work load, the intensity load and the speed quickness at which we practiced, I think it was a good camp.

(on if there is anything that wasn't a part of the camp that should have been)

No, any time you have guys missing practice because of injury, I think as a staff you're a little disappointed but injuries are a part of training camp. Fortunately, for us we don't have anything really serious at this point. We've got the work done. We've hit every situation and now we need to play well. This team needs to play well this weekend.

(on the defensive line)

We expect to get a couple guys back for the weekend. We're resting and we're being smart about it. We'll practice them when they're able to practice and we'll play them when they're ready to play.

(on the two-minute drill performance)

We've been working it every other day, almost sometimes we've had a week where we've gone every day with the two-minute in. Including different situation, we made the plays. We weren't in the full-speed rush situations which gives the advantage to the offense, but we made some plays today.

(on if there is anything he was displeased about in camp)

No, we are correcting the negatives. You have to have some mistakes during camp. The last thing the staff would want would be to have the perfect camp and you hit the season not knowing. You correct the mistakes, you're building for the opener. We have a unique situation this year in that we're Saturday, Saturday, Thursday, Thursday. It's unique in that most teams, every year you have 30 teams that basically have 10 days to prepare for their opener.

(on how many years the dizzy bat tradition has been done)

Since I've started, but it's graduating. There are more and more things that are getting spread around on it. It started with just simply the bat and 20 times around and guys got dizzy. Now the veterans are getting more creative so we'll have to put some rules in place.

(on Kenny Britt's back flip after the bat spin)

That was a back-flip, round-off, half-spring thing, which you can't do after touchdowns because you can't use the ground as a prop.

(on if he stuck his dismount)

Yes he did, it was impressive.

(on how much game planning there is for Cleveland)

We're going to have them familiar with some things, some concepts. We have to prepare offensively because of their defense. Special teams wise there is not much to do other then make sure you're in a good position to tackle because they've got some very talented returners. We're going to go out and play hard, make plays and protect the football.

(on if the fewer practice days during camp prepared the team for the season)

We're in a good place right now. We have some work ahead. There's not a lot of time off for the players. We play Saturday, Thursday, Thursday so time off is coming after the opener. We have to rest and recover and use our time wisely.

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