Coach Fisher's Wednesday training camp report


(On his overall assessment of camp)

You know we got just about everything accomplished that we needed to. It was different in the fact that we didn't go the traditional two-a-day practices. We got a lot done inside. Condition-wise we're in good shape because we took advantage of some additional time to lift and we lifted different so physically, we're in good shape. We have two preseason games left and these will be two important tests for us to get ready for the opener. We have some young guys that are proven and they know how to compete in this league and we have some veterans that have come out and had some solid camps. Overall, we're okay. This is the game that concerns you, even though we're not away and breaking camp, the third preseason game is the one where the distractions can have an effect because we break camp tonight, the guys are going home, you have all those things. So what we need to do is execute, play smart football, play hard football and find a way to win the game.

(On how long the starters will play)

The starters will play the first half. There will be a few exceptions but that's the intention. I've said all along we're going to build and we'll continue to build. We expect them to make the turn next week in Green Bay and they'll come out in the third quarter.

(On if he feels like they've gotten everything in offensively)

No we still have a number of things we have to work on. We worked on the basics, we worked on the fundamentals, we worked on the core aspects of our offense, defense and special teams. Now we'll dedicate a couple of practices to our first opponent, start fine tuning some things that we don't normally show and things we'll continue to work on.

(On the dizzy bat race)

Yeah, we need to go back to basics and just give them the bat and the footballs. It's getting a little out of hand.

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