Coach Fisher's Wednesday Training Camp Report




(on how today's practice with the Arizona Cardinals went)

I thought it went well, as we said numerous times that it's unusual to practice against a team after you've played them.  People expect different things—we got exactly what we wanted out of this practice.  I talked to Coach Ken (Whisenhunt) after and it was terrific work.  It was a nice change up for us here at camp.  We got a lot of things accomplished, nobody got hurt, and now we can focus on Carolina and they can focus on Chicago.

(on if it was as respectable of a practice as he anticipated)

It was, it was completely different.  You can set the tempo for your football team, and they'll respond and that is exactly what they did.  It was really good work for us.

(on how he plans to spend the last day of camp from a planning standpoint)

We have to focus now on Carolina, because we travel Friday.  So, we'll have a walkthrough in the morning and we'll have a practice where we'll compete a little bit in the front end of practice, but most of the practice will be familiarizing ourselves with the Panthers.

(on Alterraun Verner's performance today)

You know, I was with the offense so I will get caught up on the defense but it doesn't surprise me if he did (have a few interceptions today). 

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