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Coach Fisher's Wednesday Training Camp Report


(on whether the night practice at LP field will help the rookies)

Well, it's their first time over there.  We are going to have a walk-through over at LP field on Sunday.  We typically try to have one practice over there before we get started.  Under the lights we will try to work a lot of different scenarios and situations.

(on whether the practice will be moved if it rains)

It's not going to rain.

(on whether a backup plan is in place if it rains)

It's not going to rain.

(on whether the New Orleans Saints are trendsetters by trying an onside kick in the Super Bowl)

I know Pittsburgh did it in the Super Bowl against Dallas.  It's available and you see it.  We prepare for it on every kickoff.  Coaches are going to look and scheme things up and see if they can have an opportunity to gain possession.  We had three or four against the Colts four or five years ago.  There were other reasons for that, but it is an effective tool.  Clearly the Saints felt like they had an opportunity based on what they had seen.

(on whether he or Alan Lowry are responsible for calling an onside kick)

It's something that is put in the gameplan during the week.  We carry it over.  If we think the opportunity presents itself, it is like any of the other calls that are related.  It's a call that comes from the head coach.

(on Jason Babin's performance with William Hayes sidelined)

Well, he worked real hard during the offseason.  His reps have been helpful.  I'm a little bit concerned that he might be getting too much.  He's Kyle-like (Vanden Bosch) in that he is a full-speed player, so at some point you have to watch his reps.

(on whether Jason Babin is benefiting from the extra work)

Well he is comfortable in our system.  He fits the system very well.  At this point, I think he understands everything that we are doing and knows exactly how we want to do it.

(on whether the new position of the umpire had any effect on the Titans game)

We didn't have any issues in our ballgame to speak of.  The officiating department is going to look at it and see if there needs to be any modifications after a couple of weeks.

(on whether he is expecting LeGarrette Blount back for tonight's practice)


(on whether Damian Williams is clear to play in Monday's preseason game)

He has been cleared.  There would be no reason why he doesn't play. 

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