Coach Fisher's Wednesday Training Camp Report


(on how Damian Williams did today)

Yeah, he did (well).  We anticipated that though, he had a couple good days of rehab and we worked him back into some things.  Hopefully we'll continue to allow him to progress and he has a chance to play this weekend.

(on if they're going to keep an eye on Williams tomorrow)

Yeah, (we will) but he took a big step today, feels good and no setbacks — the same thing with Nick (Schommer) too.  So that worked out well, both of them have a chance to play this weekend.

(on if he's disappointed about William Hayes)

Actually, I'm not.  I'm not disappointed because we kind of feared the worst yesterday as far as the mechanism and everything, so we were excited to hear the good news.  It might be a couple weeks, but when you consider that when you have that kind of injury on the practice field and upon immediate examination (the fear) is that you have an ACL involved.  With a mild MCL sprain, they'll keep him off a couple weeks and that's good news.

(on a timetable for his return)

I think he's afraid of the four weeks, because he'd be up over 320 pounds.  It really just depends on the different players, different positions.  You just have to get the swelling out of it, let it settle down, get him in a brace and get him back.

(on how the offense performed today)

I thought they had a really good day today.  We came out this morning and had a special teams practice and it was hot.  For them to work through this today, I was especially proud of them.  We're going to go ahead and keep them inside tomorrow because we don't need to wear ourselves out when they get ready to play a game and they've done a great job in the heat.  So we'll go inside at normal time tomorrow.

(on the expected playing time for the starters against Seattle)

It's 12-15 plays, something like that.  Some will play more, some will play less—the starting offensive line could play a few more plays than that, Vince (Young) could expect 12-15 plays.

(on how Sean Ryan's done so far)

He came in and just picked the offense up.  He's been in numerous systems, he's a real smart guy, he's strong, he's a good at the point of attack as a blocker, he can catch and it's good to have him around—especially with the younger guys in there, it brings a lot of experience to the offense.

(on the difficulty of keeping four tight ends with the roster demands)

No, not necessarily (difficult), something's going to give at another position but not necessarily.

(on if Kerry Collins will see minimal snaps in the preseason due to his experience)

I think of the four quarterbacks, he'll probably play the least — especially in the first couple of weeks.

(on if it's strange ending the 2009 season in Seattle and starting the 2010 season in Seattle too)

You know, we've never been there before.  The club had not played in the new stadium before so it was a great experience for us, a great way for us to finish up the year and we got some things accomplished.  It's a completely different set of circumstances now.

(on playing Seattle head coach Pete Carroll in his first game back in the NFL)

Pete is trying to get his team ready, and I'm trying to get my team ready.  We're friends and I was excited he's getting the opportunity.

(on if he thinks Carroll will call some trick plays to try and energize the crowd)

I could see him really wanting to win the ball game, no different from us. 

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