Coach Fisher's Wednesday Training Camp Report


(on the if he got the energy he wanted out of the team during tonight's practice)

Yeah, it was really good.  We went back and looked at the tape and yesterday's session was really good.  We got a lot of work done in tough conditions.  So, we recovered, had a real productive walkthrough today and they were looking forward to practicing tonight—and they need to.  Things are coming along, they are in good shape and it was the first padded practice and I thought it was pretty good.

(on how the officials being at practice affected the players)

Oh yeah, it's always a great three or four days when they come in.  We've got some rule changes, the umpire is now on the other side of the line of scrimmage and they need the work.  It was their first opportunity to get live reps, we told the team that we asked them to throw the flags and then just explain the infractions and the fouls and we'll continue to do that.  We have to clean some line-of-scrimmage things up, but so far things have gone well.

(on how he likes the umpires being on the other side of the line of scrimmage)

Yeah, you know the committee looked at it and as we looked at it in the spring, the umpires went down exactly 100 times and we had two or three concussions.  As we always discuss the importance of trying to improving the game from a player safety standpoint, we try to include the officials in this because it was becoming a problem.  So we moved them back behind the line of scrimmage and there will be some adjustments, but I think we got most of the kinks worked out.

(on whether teams were scheming around the umpires positioning)

I think on occasion a guy will run a shallow cross in man-to-man and he'd get picked off, but we didn't see it.  There is talk of it, but we didn't see it.  It's just hard to get out of the way and unfortunately there were some serious injuries last year.

(on whether there are rules about hitting certain players now that they are going full contact)

No, we're just 'buttoning up in the hole' as we say.  Nobody wants to get caught off guard, that's kind of the rules and that's how we practice.

(on who will go retrieve the three balls that Rob Bironas kicked onto the roof of the Titans facility)

You know, we'll figure that out—I'll leave that up to Rob.

(on whether the offense or the defense is further along through camp so far)

We alternate, you know we have one day in seven-on-seven where the defense will make a lot of plays because they put something new in, and other days where the offense makes plays because we put the defense in difficult positions.  So, I wouldn't say anybody is ahead of anybody from that standpoint.  I think once we put the pads on things have started to even out.

(on if Cortland Finnegan is looking more comfortable working on the left side of the field)

He is, he's still probably a couple weeks away from locating the ball and getting that part of it down, but he's doing well out there.

(on if working the cornerbacks on both sides of the field makes the defense stronger as a whole)

What happens is sometimes you get guys, like we've had over the years, who just lock in to the left side and the right side and you may lose one and you may take your better corner and put him on the other side and you actually end up hurting yourself in both places.  So, having the familiarity and being comfortable on both sides you can move them around and match up if you choose to do so week-to-week and guys can step in and play.  We've had backups in the recent past, Eric King for example, that was proficient from both sides and he'd come off the bench and make plays because he was used to playing both sides.

(on LeGarrett Blount)

You know, he's what you call a north-south runner.  He's not a straight line, he's got good change in direction but he doesn't have the body type to get the edge, so that being said he runs low, he runs behind his pads, he pushes piles and that's why he's here.

(on whether there are guys who will make this team strictly based on their play on special teams)

There is, potentially yeah.  There are a few guys who not only will make the 53 but getting to the 45 in the regular season—special teams is going to have a huge emphasis on that.

(on how much more athletic Leroy Harris makes the offensive line at the point of attack)

Well, Kevin (Mawae) is as athletic as there is at center—he's always been that way and he still is.  Leroy's heavier, he's got exceptional lower body strength and quickness so that makes us pretty stout inside.

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