Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report





(on if he feels better about Vince Young's hamstring)

Yeah, much better than we did yesterday.

(on if Steve McNair playing through pain plays into Vince Young's mentality)

I think we're still so young in his career. He's played through some things that you weren't aware of and most players do that. Steve was an extraordinary example of that. I think maybe it does. The bottom line is he's got a big future, long future ahead of him and he knows what's best for the team to make good decisions on this injury. If he can go, then he'll go.

(on if Vince Young has played through things that should have been on the injury report)

No. I could be like some of the other teams in the league and list 40 guys on my injury report, but I chose not to. I expect people to play with the little things.

(on Vince Young playing through pain in the past)

He's been fine. He's focused and been fine.

(on if he's hopeful to get Vince Young on the practice field Thursday or Friday)

Yeah, we're taking this one day at a time. I'm not looking beyond tomorrow. I'm hoping that he'll be able to do some things tomorrow.

(on if Randy Starks is a different player with Miami then when he was with the Titans)

Yeah, he is. I'm really happy to see him playing as well as he's playing. We drafted him where we drafted him because we thought he had the potential. Sometimes when you change address the time light comes on, you get in a new environment, new atmosphere and you play well. He's playing very well this year.

(on what attributes to Randy Starks' improvement)

I don't know what it is, I'm not there. I know the reasons for his inconsistencies here and it looks like he's got it behind him.

(on if Randy Starks is being asked to do things differently in Miami)

He's in a different scheme. He's around a really talented group. This is a very, very deep defensive unit. It's multiple, it's very strong and physical. They control the line of scrimmage and he's a big part of that.

(on how their Wildcat offense is without Ronnie Brown)

You expect them not to do as much and they haven't. It's still there and they do enough to make you work on it and prepare for it. They are a really talented rushing football team. The statistics are really impressive. The fourth (quarter) and time of possession, first, second and third down efficiency. They're leading the league in rushes for first downs. They're committed to it and as a result the defense compliments them because their first and third down efficiency. This is kind of old fashion football.

(on the Wildcat)

Well, as I said, since losing Ronnie Brown they're not doing it as much. They do a few things here and there, enough to keep you working on it. But they still do enough things in other situations that are far from the norm if you will. It makes you pay attention to them and creates things to try and have a chance to matchup.

(on the similarities between the teams)

The philosophies are the same. They've been doing it all year. They are a really talented football team upfront. It's been their formula. You can see the head coaches handprint on their style. They're in every game, it's impressive. This is, from a physical matchup standpoint, probably the biggest challenge of the year for us.

(on Chad Henne's value compared to other quarterbacks)

I've not studied him with others recently. I know this, I know he looks like he fits. The offensive system is built around his strengths and he takes advantage of the run game in the system. He can make all the throws, they protect him very, very well. He makes good decisions. When you've got a team that can run the ball like that, you need to go outside and down the field because you create one-on-one matchups. He's doing that very well.

(on if there will be a raised level of intensity on both sides)

We're going to play hard and try to win the game. That's it. If we stress those type of things at this part of the week before kickoff, you paralyze your football team. We're just going to go play hard and have fun.

(on Friday's Division I-AA National Championship Game that his son will play in)

That's a personal thing. I'm very excited for it.

(on if it is nice to see his son play for a national title at Montana)

That's a tremendous program at that level. It's a really, really solid program, terrific coaching staff and a great bunch of kids. I've gotten close to them over the years and know many of them well. I couldn't be happier for all of them.

(on how worked up he gets when watching his son play)

It doesn't compare to my games. My games are a walk in the park compared to his. I'm real worked up.

(on his son making key plays in his last game)


He did, so did the rest of his teammates. It was a great victory for them.

(on if he's saying he gets more worked up for his games or his sons)

For his. I can't control it, can't control anything. I'm a dad.

(on the game being played in Chattanooga)

It worked out perfect.

(on if he has words of advice for his son before playing in the national championship game)

We talk several times a day so we'll talk about some things as the kickoff nears. They'll be fine.


(on how often he gets bothered in the stands)


None, not at those game, no. I'm just a dad. I'm a proud papa.

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