Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report

(on how similar the Cardinals offense is to Mike Martz's former offense in St. Louis)

Well, they just throw it all over the place. They've got great skill people, good running backs, a quarterback that sees the field very well. They run it. It's kind of what we saw last week, the Texans we thought were much improved in their run defense the last six weeks. They've improved in their rushing offense. Their ranking's low because they don't run it as often as everybody else, but their average per carry is pretty impressive. It's over four yards. They're very dangerous. They can hang onto the football by throwing it all the way down the field, they can strike from wherever. (Larry) Fitzgerald's already got 71 catches, nine touchdowns already. So, he's off to a great start.

(on Kurt Warner's longevity in the NFL)

He's been answering the bell every week. He makes all the throws. They do a good job of protecting him. They get him on the move and he's playing the same way he did 10 years ago.

(on if the Cardinals have the best WR tandem the Titans have faced in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin)

You can't count out (Steve) Breaston either. Their running back's got 47 catches. Yeah, it's a good group. If you take one thing away, he's going to go someplace else. We'll really be challenged.

(on the Cardinals road game success this season)

It's not like they haven't played anybody, winning at New York and Chicago and Seattle, those are tough places to play. It must have become a focus of theirs because it was not the case last year. They have completely reversed that. They're a healthy team with an aggressive defense and solid special teams. It wasn't by surprise that they made it last year. They're well coached and a very talented team.

(on how to avoid a Super Bowl hangover)

They kept all of their key players. They've settled things down from a contract standpoint with several of them. There was a change on defense and sometimes that energizes you. They're healthy and playing good.

(on if it looks like his players are having fun)

Yeah, we're just going about our business as usual now. This week's different than last week. Last week was a highly emotionally charged ballgame for obvious reasons. This one, we have a short week, we've got the positive distraction in the Thanksgiving holiday and in addition to that we're playing a team that we're not familiar with. So, we have to become very focused, very soon.

(on if he has anything special planned for Thanksgiving)

We're working on a short week. Actually yes, I get to come to work and that's special.

(on what he is thankful for)

Just those things. Realistically your health and your family and our opportunity. It's been a fun year so far.

(on how crucial it is to pressure Kurt Warner)

The one thing about Kurt is the ball's coming out. The defensive staff said they can play without offensive linemen. It's coming out that quick and he's very, very accurate. It's not like you're going to shut Kurt Warner down, you just have to buckle down inside the 20-yard line and make them kick field goals.

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