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Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report





(on the Bills run defense)

I would be very careful when you look at statistics and rush to judgment on how their playing. To give you an example, they've been rushed over 60 times more than the league average. Those statistics are just taking total yards from scrimmage. They've played some good run teams. They're fully equipped to stop the run. They're a very quick, aggressive defense. They have 15 interceptions already. The backup free safety has seven. They've got two scores on defense and nearly 20 sacks already. So, this is a very aggressive defense that has given up some plays as most defenses do.

(on if he anticipates Chris Johnson to have a big day)

Every week is a challenge and every week's a different matchup, sometimes you matchup better against opponents than others. We have to go out with the intention that we're going to run the football. There's no guarantees based on statistics.

(on the Bills backup free safety Jairus Byrd)

We watched him real closely prior to the draft at corner. He's got good natural ball skills. He's got some deflections, some bounces particularly because of their pressure.

(on Trent Edwards being named the starter for the game and if they have been preparing for Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick)

There are similarities between the quarterbacks. We anticipated him returning benefiting from the bye week. He's completing about 60 percent of his passes. He's won some games. Our concern is this team's had some difficulties winning at home, but they're 3-1 on the road. They're a good road team and despite the fact we had the matchup in the preseason, it's the similar challenge that we had last weekend that we have to become familiar with this opponent.

(on Justin Gage's struggles this season)

Justin made plays throughout. Justin was just part of the team that just weren't getting things done, not that he wasn't specifically. We didn't have a whole lot of opportunities. He, like the rest of the guys, had several drops. He's always been able to make the big catch for us. He certainly made two huge catches for us in the game last weekend.

(on if Justin Gage's performance last weekend will carry over)

We're hoping so. He didn't practice today. I'm concerned about him with his lower back as a result of landing on the ground. We're hoping that he'll improve quickly.

(on if he's seen Vince Young's confidence grow over the last two weeks)

Well, yeah. Any time you get an opportunity to do what he's done and play the way he has, it's going to help. I think the team's confidence has grown, since the off week we've done some good things. We're completing 73 percent of our passes and rushing for almost 230 yards a game and getting turnovers. When good things happened then the whole team starts to become more confident.

(on Terrell Owens)

He is a very, very talented player. It's just a matter of time before he's taking over a game. We can't allow that to happen.

(on if he's ever seen a player during his time in the NFL with the same speed as Chris Johnson)

Not in that position, no. Not in the running back position.

(on comparing Barry Sanders to Chris Johnson)

Well, Barry was very…it's unfair to compare both Chris to Barry because they're completely different style runners. Barry didn't have the long deep speed, he had the tremendous quickness and balance and change of direction.

(on if there is another player at a different position with similar speed as Chris Johnson)

Over the years, players will come in the league that can really, really run but you just haven't seen anyone at the running back position with the run skills that he has.

(on former Bears WR Willie Gault's speed compared to Chris Johnson)

The strait-away speed, Willie was a world-class sprinter. He has football speed. People often times talk in terms of well you've got a track guy playing football. This is different. This is a football player with track speed is what he is.

(on what new dynamics are opened up with Vince Young and Chris Johnson in the backfield)

It remains to be seen right now. We're going to have look and be able to adjust offensively. The dynamics are being determined by the approach the defense takes.

(on if they can learn anything from playing the Bills in the preseason)

The guys can go back and recall the individual matchups, particularly upfront. We played our starters just two or three series. There's a lot of change on their club because of injury, especially at the linebacker position.

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