Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report





(on Javon Ringer's injury)

Well, we don't know. We'll certainly go in and try and give him some relief. It could be a number of things and it'd be unfair for me to speculate right now, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear something. He's obviously in some pain.

(on what Javon Ringer injured)

I'm just going to guess that it's lower back or hip related right now.

(on if the team is ready for the game)

They're good, yeah. We came back yesterday and they were very excited to be back, very excited about the challenge, excited to get back on the field. We put pads on today and I thought we had somewhat of a spirited practice.

(on the quarterback situation)

I'm not going to discuss the quarterback situation today for competitive reasons, but I'll have an answer for you tomorrow.

(on not having a definitive starter at quarterback)

It's a competitive issue, it's pretty simple. Everybody else has their own jobs to worry about. So, that's not an issue. We're going to do what we think is in the best interest of winning games.

(on if the quarterbacks are aware of the situation)

The quarterbacks are familiar with the situation, yes. Again, I will have an answer for you tomorrow for competitive reasons which of course are obvious.

(on if too much is made of the quarterback situation when there are other areas that need improvement)

We have to improve in all areas. It's been an area of focus in-light of what's been disclosed over the past couple of days. Other than that, we've got a lot of areas of improvement. We've actually seen some improvement over the last week from some of the younger players and some of the older players. Again, it was a very difficult six weeks and we've done our best to put that behind us and move forward.

(on if there is a sense of a fresh start coming off of the bye week)

That was the intention last week. Obviously, the reasons for how we handled the bye week and we handled the team, and our expectation when they came back.

(on the Sally Reese comments)

I have no comment on that. I didn't hear it and I have no comment.

(on if he prefers Mr. Adams talking to him first instead of another source)

My understanding is that Mr. Adams did not speak publically regarding the quarterback situation. I'm talking to Mr. Adams routinely about everything associated with this team. So, there's not a communication issue between me, or Mike (Reinfeldt), or Steve (Underwood) or Mr. Adams whatsoever.

(on if opposing teams should prepare for everything when facing the Titans)

I can't speculate what they did during their bye week. I'm going to assume that most teams will heal up, try to get those injured players back and work on the areas of need. Now, if they decide that they're going to prepare for both quarterbacks then so be it. I'm going to assume that as long as we can keep this thing a mystery the better chances we have. There's clearly a difference in skill-sets between the two quarterbacks. That's obvious. I don't need to go into that.

(on what the team is playing for)

A victory. A victory at home.

(on the change of punters)

For whatever reason, I don't know what it was, but Denver decided to make a change. Our Pro Scouting Department really felt like this was an opportunity that we shouldn't pass up. We brought him in today. He had a really good day today. The questions that we had were really related to his holding ability, he can hold. We're going to continue to work him this week. He has a very strong leg. A young punter, very productive and he had good numbers last year. The numbers weren't skewed because of the elevation factor of the home games in Denver.

(on if Reggie Hodges was rusty from his time off)

We've not necessarily given up on Reggie. I think Reggie has a future as a punter, but we're trying to get better in every area and we thought it was a much needed opportunity we needed to take advantage of just to try to get better.

(on playing Jacksonville)

We were embarrassed down there. We didn't play well, they played well. We expect them to play as good if not better. So, we're going to have to match that this week.

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