Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report





(on today's practice)

It was a great practice, a really good practice.

(on pinning down the reason for so many offensive three-and-outs)

It's a combination of things. You credit the defense here, they make a play. We throw an incomplete pass and we drop a ball a lot. It had to do with the drops in New York. It's just one of those areas we're trying to improve on.

(on Peyton Manning playing well with the new young guys)


They plug them in very well in the system on both sides of the ball. He's playing as well as I've seen him play in years. They haven't loss a regular season game in 13 weeks. The last game they lost was to us. They've won every regular season game since. And he has a lot to do with it, he's off to a great start.

(on Peyton Manning's performance with new receivers)

Well, he still has the running back. He's got 44 (Dallas Clark) and he can probably win games with eight guys on the field.

(on if the Titans are fearful of Peyton Manning)

Well, he's not in the Hall of Fame yet. We are preparing the best we can to play our next opponent. We have great respect for Peyton and we put game plans together. We're not going to shut their offense down, that just doesn't happen. Nobody does that. What you have to do is manage the game and do the best you can, and hope you have a chance to win at the end.

(on if the past success against the Colts has to do with the game plan)

I guess so.

(on what the game plan involves)


We try to play as good as we can on defense against them.

(on the challenges the defense faces when the Colts run the no-huddle offense)

It's a completely different offensive system. Our guys have played against it and they understand it. The challenge is patience. Each and every player has a very critical responsibility on every play. You can all be right, but they still make the play. You just have to play hard. This game requires patience on behalf of the defense because they're going to make their plays.

(on if he is spending more time with the defense than normal because they're 0-4)


I'm doing more of everything, not just necessarily defense. And that's what you do and I would expect everybody to do that.

(on if this game is the last stand)

This is about trying to win the next game. You guys can make it the last stand. We're trying to win the next game, period. That's our focus. We're going to meet and study and we're going to practice and we're going to prepare and do the best we can.

(on if the game being in primetime and against a division opponent can help the team focus)

I think if you look at it from this standpoint, this is the first game of the new season then yeah, it does. We get to open at home against a division opponent in front of the nation. I mean, that's a good way to look at if you can forget about everything that's happened the last four weeks.

(on if he's noticed an attitude change in the players)

The players are doing the best they can. As coaches, we're trying to tell them to do it just a little bit better so we can avoid some of the mistakes.


(on Cortland Finnegan and Nick Harper's status)


Cort practiced, he was limited today and Nick did not practice.

(on players laughing and smiling before practice being a good thing or a bad thing)

Well, you tell me. Do you want them to come out with their tails between their legs and heads down just working their way through practice? You don't want to do that. This game's designed to be fun regardless of where you are, and that's how we've gotten through tough times before. We've stayed focused and we've kept an element of fun here because it is a game, but also understand how each and every week is. I have no problem with their approach. They're studying, they're preparing and we had a very good practice today.

(on moving the practice to tomorrow night)


We have a lot of young guys and we've got an evening game. We thought we'd push things back a little bit to give them a chance to rest up. We'll go later tomorrow afternoon, yes.

(if they will practice inside or outside)

It will depend on the weather.

(on Vincent Fuller)

Vinny had surgery. He's got a plate in his arm and he's got a cast and a protective device out there. Vinny was working through the individual drills to try to keep his legs and his condition. As soon as he's cleared, he'll be able to play.

(on if any protective gear would be devised to allow Vincent Fuller to play early)

Not at this point.

(on the Colts defense)

They've always managed to plug people in whether it's the secondary, the defensive line or linebackers. 18 (Peyton Manning) has a lot to do with how their defense plays because they score a lot of points. They've done a good job. I think they're a model for personnel departments around the league because they bring people in and fit them in and they just don't miss a beat.

(on if it is normal for a team to have continued success when changing head coaches like the Colts have)

Well, this head coach was on their staff. The offense has not changed. There's a defensive coordinator and a special teams coordinator change, but they systems have not changed. There's stability and the organization understands the importance of stability.

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