Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report





(on what Mark Jones' impact will be on special teams)


It will clearly help. He's a sure-handed returner. He'll catch the kickoffs and the punts, and he makes good decisions. We're encouraged that he's healthy. He feels good, he's been working out and he's in good shape.

(on how tough it was to put Craig Hentrich on injured reserve)

Well, it's clearly a difficult decision to make. We were hopeful that we could go week-to-week on it, but with the injuries we just weren't able to do that.

(on how long Craig Hentrich would have been out)

4-6 (weeks). That's optimistic I think, but somewhere in that range. It's hard to tell with a calf.

(on Craig Hentrich staying around and the team benefiting from his experience)

Anytime we have a player go on injured reserve they rehab, they stay here. In Craig's case, he wants to take a little more active part, active role. Just helping Reggie (Hodges) and making sure Rob (Bironas) settles down. Making sure all the little detail things are taken care of.

(on how Mark Jones failed a physical with the Carolina Panthers two weeks ago and is okay now)

You know, you'll have to ask Carolina. We didn't fail him on a physical. We released him and he was healthy to play two weeks for us.

(on what Mark Jones didn't do enough of in the preseason to earn a roster spot)

Well, he didn't have enough of an opportunity. He missed three of the five preseason games and he came back and was able to return, but we didn't get an opportunity to look at him in the offense.

(on what he's preaching to the guys this week)

You know, just have a great day of practice on Wednesday. We got to work on little things, which we did. We got a good game plan in. Don't consume yourself with the past, just get ready to win the next game.

(on what Jacksonville runs on defense)

I would say that they're a 3-4 defense that will rush four down-linemen in passing situations.

(on how different Jacksonville's 3-4 defense is)

They're talented. They're big and strong and physical upfront, both the outside guys can rush. (John) Henderson's still the same guy inside and he's a good run defender, he gets pressure. The young corner's playing well and the experienced guys' going to the Pro Bowl. It's a good group, it's different. There's a lot more to prepare for then the old-style Jaguar defense. That Jaguar defense just said you're not going to drive the football and they didn't do an awful lot, but they did it very, very well. This group's going to create problems.

(on the Jaguars defensive transition and not revamping the personnel)

I think over the last couple of years with the pass rushers that they've drafted, they felt like they were better suited, and they are. You don't want to put them in situations where you've got to block them with a running back.

(on if the Jaguars are the team against the Colts or the team against the Cardinals)

Well, the Cardinals are a very, very explosive offense and unfortunately for the Jags they had a field goal blocked and it was returned for a touchdown. The Jags did do some good things in that game. Obviously, the Jags prepared for our division because they should have and could have beat the Colts, and then they found a way to beat the Texans. They spent more time than just putting the new defense in and working in the offseason program. They spend a lot of time in their football.

(on Cortland Finnegan's situation)


He didn't practice today. He's got just a hamstring deal he's dealing with and didn't practice.

(on the Jaguars offense changing without Fred Taylor and now Maurice Jones-Drew getting the carries)

I've always been a Fred Taylor fan and still am and will continue to be. He's very, very difficult to defend. It seems like one play a game he's going to bounce outside and make a big play. He's no longer there, Maurice is carrying the load now. He's special and he's difficult to get down. The question is, will he be able to be as effective at the end of the year as he is now. He's clearly, clearly very effective.

(on how to keep the players' spirits up after an 0-3 start)

There's no issue with confidence or spirits or anything like that. The games are behind us. We're moving forward and try to win the next ball game.

(on how he always stays even keel)

I think it's important for the staff and everybody in the building. If you walk around and you act like you're 0-3 you're going to be 0-4. That's not the approach. That's not the way you come to work. You come to work to win every day.

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