Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report


(on how to rattle Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez)


I don't think you rattle this one, he's special. The Jets knew that and traded up to get him. He's been everything and more than what they expected. He's poised and they do a real good job with the people around him. The offense is based on run-first and play-action and converting third downs and moving the chains. They've done a real nice job with him. This is a very, very solid football team Rex Ryan has inherited, and they've done nothing but get better in the offseason. It's by no mistake that they're 2-0.

(on how Rex Ryan has had an impact on the Jets)

It's his version of the Baltimore defense which has been so successful over the years. They've got very, very good people to do it. What's impressive is that Baltimore comes back year after year with the same guys, he's put this together in a short period of time.

(on how much his paths crossed with Rex Ryan while on Buddy Ryan's staff)

Well, never professionally. I mean, they were his twins. They were around quite a bit and got to know them very well. I'm very happy for both of them. He knew at early ages they would be very good coaches.

(on the Legacy Game and playing the Titans of New York)

I think, having gone through the experience at Buffalo in the Hall of Fame game, it's not going to be as big of a deal. Once again, it's a privilege and honor to be associated with the 50th anniversary. The guys are looking forward to it, look a little different.

(on the Jets playing as the Titans of New York)

Yes, even though it's the Titans playing the Oilers, it's the Jets playing the Titans.

(on the mistakes of the defense being corrected)

We addressed them after the game. We talked about that. We've gone through each specific situation, addressed it and there's no reason for us to expect it to continue. It's just kind of one of those things that happens.

(on the punting situation)

What our intention is, we've got Trapasso on the practice squad, (Reggie) Hodges to the active roster and we've released Cary Williams today. So, Hodges goes on our 53.

(on Craig Hentrich not being placed on the IR meaning he could come back at some point)

Yeah, that makes sense. If you IR Craig at this point then he's finished for the year and that's not our hope, nor our intention.

(on giving Craig Hentrich the benefit of the doubt because of his time with the Titans)

It's knowing Craig how valuable he is to this football team.

(on the status of Craig Hentrich)

He's got a calf strain. He's out this week.

(on Reggie Hodges having experience of punting in the Meadowlands)


He's punted there, he's punted in the league number one, and he's punted there number two. In addition to that he's a fine holder and that's a very important part of the position.

(on the mindset of the team)

They're good, they're good. We're looking forward to having a great week and trying to go win a football game.

(on how to keep the players from being discouraged)

Well, you tell them the truth that they're a good football team and we just have to keep getting better. Don't worry about who you play and don't worry about the win-loss record, just get better and the wins will come.

(on Bart Scott's role in the Jets defense)

He's doing a lot of the same things. You may see him more on the edge at times than you did at Baltimore, but he's a real good football player. They've got a solid group. The unique thing about their defense is they'll game plan each week for each individual opponent. They have a basic, solid, physical game plan against the Texans. They came out against New England and they had four defensive linemen active and 10 defensive backs on the field and were playing all kinds of exotic defenses that really gave the Patriots problems. It slowed the game down a little bit for New England. We have to make sure we understand what we're doing and play fast with speed and play physical.

(on the David Givens lawsuit)

I can't comment on the lawsuit. With the lawsuit, there's a legal process involved so therefore you just can't comment on it. That's the nature of that. What I can do is I can comment on the report last night. Never in my career have I ever been associated with a more deceitful, unprofessional report that I witnessed last night. I'll just finish by this, the organization is looking into the possibility that there may be a connection between the reporter and the attorney, and that's all I can say.

(on if the lawsuit is a distraction to the team)

It's not a distraction. I addressed it with the team, it's not a distraction. Again, I was really taken back at the lack of professionalism in this type of report.

(on if you feel you were deceived)

I did an interview at training camp, a general interview at training camp. Then the perception was I was questioned very recently about this. The last question in this unusual interview regarded David Givens. This is just, it's very, very unprofessional and I'm disappointed for the industry to be quite honest with you.

(on who you take up the complaint with)

I'm not complaining, the organization is looking into it to see if there is a connection between the reporter and the attorney.

(on if the station is no longer welcome at the facility)

You'll have to talk to the station.

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