Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report


(on Bo Scaife)


Bo did not practice today, (Jared) Cook did not practice and David Thornton did not practice today.

(on possibly being short-handed at tight end on Sunday)

They haven't practiced today. Iit doesn't mean they're not going to play.

(on the Texans)

I've seen improvement out of the Texans for years, and especially at the end of last year. It's just the opener, the Jets threw some things at them that they hadn't seen and they had a couple turnovers. They're a very, very talented football team with a lot of weapons. I mean, Steve Slaton's the only back that I can remember that's had back-to-back 100-yard games against us in the same year. They can really run the football and they've got one of the best receivers in ball. They're well coached and they'll be prepared.

(on Steve Slaton's two 100-yard games against the Titans last season)

Two of the runs were Fred Taylor-like where you had him bottled up behind the line of scrimmage, and we had people stop him and he bounced out and ran for 40 yards each time. But still, five or six yards a crack is what he does best. He's a very talented runner.

(on Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson)

He had a big day. They had 13 points, but he had a big day against us. He's capable, that's what makes him so dangerous.

(on how surprised he was by the Texans defeat to the Jets)

Nothing surprises you anymore on opening day in the National Football League. But because the Jets win 27-7 doesn't mean they're 20 points better than the Texans. The Texans, they're a good football team and they're going to be competing for the division, I'm sure, late in the season.

(on the past success of rushing the Texans' quarterback)

They're going to block-up. I thought they did a much better job last year with play-action, protection and things. It's something that we're going to have to do. If they're going to block seven against four, then our four have to find a way to get there.

(on facing the 4-3 defense after multiple games against 3-4 defenses)

That's the case and that's also the case for them. They've prepared against the 3-4 throughout camp and for their opener and now both teams are lining up. There's really no surprises, we have to go out and execute and play hard and protect the football.

(on the mental preparation of the Titans having to face a Texans team that was blown-out last week)

This is a team that beat us last, last year. This is a team that over the last three years, with the exception of the opener in 2008, for their unfortunate situation dealing with that hurricane, these games have been decided by an average of five points or less the last three years. They got the best of us last year and they're much improved. There's no opportunity or reason for a let down here. We've got to approach this like this is the best team we're going to face all year.

(on Alge Crumpler and Ahmard Hall having to be prepared for Mario Williams)

We'll do different things in the passing game. They're a much improved rush. Brian Cushing, for example, in just one game is an outstanding acquisition for them. He's what we thought he'd be. Their defense is much improved as well.

(on what Brian Cushing does well)

Everything, gets off blocks, strikes, sheds, separates, covers, runs, he's the real deal.

(on if there is any extra importance to a home opener)

Well of course there is. It's our first opportunity to play in front of our fans. We've been on the road four out of the last six weeks, so it's nice to get back home. Again, we need our fans of course. We need their participation in this, but this is a difficult opponent we are going to face Sunday.

(on the possibility of rain being a concern for the game Sunday)

No, we'll go out. Our plan is to go outside and deal with the inclement weather and wet balls and things like that so we can prepare for that. So bring your rain gear.

(on how many days the team will practice in inclement weather)

At least one day.

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