Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report


(on the spirited team in practice)

It was a good practice, a very good practice.

(on what he told the team in the huddle after practice)

If I was going to tell you, I would have invited you into the huddle.

(on Craig Stevens' plays and the frustration seen in practice)

He's blocking really well and the ends are getting frustrated, but he is having a good camp.

(on good coaching being the reason for the good play)

Coach Z (Zernhelt) can coach the running game. He can coach the blocking. Our deal today, we covered a lot today. We covered run. We covered third down. We covered the end of the game. We covered blitz. We got it all in there today. It was a good practice.

(on Kenny Britt getting more comfortable)

The more he practices, the more opportunities he's going to get. We'll begin to see the reason why we drafted him. He's not having any difficulty with the system. He's getting lined up. He's doing the right things.

(on Ahmard Hall's hard work and commitment)

He's a really important aspect of this football team for those reasons. He's durable. He's there everyday. He's all about business. He works and he does all of the right things. He brings some of the other guys along with him, his background, the discipline and such. He deserved to be an alternate to the Pro Bowl last year.

(on having any idea Hall would end up being this kind of player)

We saw skills, but we didn't know his personality other than the scout's report because we signed him after the supplemental. But he is everything you want in a fullback.

(on the play of Justin Gage)

Justin, he is a versatile receiver. Even though he's got the size and the height, he also can line up inside and get open, and uncover. He's a big target. He catches well out of frame, so we felt like he could create matchups with the smaller corners and plus get in and bang around inside and get open. With the way things are looking now, it looks he'll have more opportunities to make plays inside.


(on chemistry between quarterbacks and wide receivers, especially Kerry Collins and Justin Gage)

They do. They are familiar with one another now. They've worked a lot over the last couple years, especially last year, with the offseason and thus far in camp. Justin is going to be where he needs to be. Kerry will often times let the ball go before Justin is there, knowing that he will arrive on time.

(on being surprised about Donnie Nickey's fine from the NFL)

No. That did not fall under the new rule. That was the old rule, helmet to helmet on a defenseless receiver.

(on getting a third back, besides White and Johnson involved on Saturday)

We'll probably follow about the same rotation with the backs. We would like to get in a position where we can run it more, but that is contingent on our defensive play.

(on liking what he has seen out of Quinton Ganther and other running backs)

Oh yeah, they are all very capable, qualified running backs

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