Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On if Ray Lewis still impresses him after all these years)

Well, considering the position he's playing, yes. There's few that have come and gone that have played at such a high level for so long. He's the heart and soul of their defense. He's there week after week after week playing at the same high level.

(On what makes Ray Lewis so good)

Well, he's a very smart player, he's an emotional player, he's a physical player. He understands angles and he recognizes things and he knows where his help is. He relies heavily on the guys up front to protect him and they do a great job freeing him up and letting him run and make plays.

(On how much the Titans thrive on getting no respect)

That's not what we're about. We're about winning ball games. We don't really sit around all day long and measure the respect level, we're just trying to win ball games. I think the respect that goes around, I think that's maybe misrepresented a little bit. Clearly we had the best record involved in the league this year but the bottom line is trying to win the next game.

(On how the Ravens allowing so few rushing touchdowns this year affects the Titans offense in the red zone)

Well, we've relied heavily on our run game inside the plus territory and if we're fortunate enough to get down there, we're going to continue to do so. They're very stout up front. They do a great job with penetration and creating losses. Then they make you one dimensional down there and you pick it up and throw it and then they cover you. I thought Miami made the right decision. They threw it one down, ran it two more times, couldn't get it and kicked a field goal.

(On attributing success to coaching intellect vs. athletic ability)

Both staffs are putting game plans in and this game is going to be decided by which group executes the game plans and makes the fewest mistakes. There's clearly athletes on both sides, both teams, both sides of the ball and there will be plenty of them on the field. It's going to come down to minimizing mistakes.

(On if he's concerned about Leroy Harris' lack of experience)

If Leroy ends up starting this game I have little concern, if none, about him. He's a smart player, he's very aggressive, he's strong. He'll be fine.

(On how the teams have changed since the first meeting this year)

I think clearly both teams have improved significantly. The numbers reflect improvement throughout the year, the defense, the points allowed, the turnovers, the takeaways, the sacks, all those things. So I think both teams have improved.

(On what Joe Flacco has done to cut down his interceptions)

He is taking his check downs. He is throwing the ball away and he is running around. He is using his legs much more so, I think now than he did earlier in the year. I think people see him as a strong-armed, young rookie quarterback that is very accurate, but the reality is he has good mobility in the pocket. He has that thing you can't teach and that is the ability to stand in the pocket, to move around in the pocket and not take his eyes off down field. It is that instinctive feel for the pass rush. That is why he is going to be a really good quarterback.

(On his thoughts about Derrick Mason getting under players skin)

I don't think Derrick gets under anybody's skin. Derrick is a competitor. Derrick is going to wish you luck before the game and then try to beat you during the game and then shake your hand after. He is a competitor. He is a class person. Obviously, we weren't happy about losing him, but he has gone on and is playing at a very high level.

(On whether Derrick Mason said anything to him during the first matchup)

No, other than 'Hi, Jeff.' And I said, 'Hi, Mase.'

(On what they have done to get Todd Heap involved)

Catches at the tight end position seem to come in bunches, with probably a couple exceptions, in [Antonio] Gates and [Tony] Gonzalez. I think Todd has healed up since he was banged up a little bit in training camp. He is a much improved blocker. They use him in protection and then all of a sudden they will surprise you and he is running down the field wide open like he did last week.

(On any injury developments)

No. Kyle [Vanden Bosch] practiced, Albert [Haynesworth] practiced and Kevin [Mawae] did not.

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