Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On Vince Young standing by himself out at practice)

No, he's got the practice script in his hand, he's watching practice. He's following right along. He's been good, he's in the meetings, got his rehab done today and he's doing well.

(On if he has a timetable for Vince Young to return to practice)

I do not. It all depends on how his knee comes along.

(On if he looks forward to a less windy day so Kerry Collins can throw unaffected by weather)

Well, I mean it was very unusual conditions in the ball game but we got done what we needed to do. We're expecting good weather this weekend. You know, the challenge is not going to be the weather, it's going to be their defense and what they've done throughout the offseason. They really had a promising preseason and went up to Pittsburgh and got caught a little off guard up there but Pittsburgh's a tough place to play. This is a unique situation for the Texans. I think as the week moves on we'll get more and more information regarding the hardship and the tragedy associated with the storm, and not only with the organization but everybody there in South Texas. I can only imagine what they've gone through when you hear stories of trees falling through player's houses and one player that has power inviting the others over to his house and same thing with the coaches. For them to get back to work yesterday was tremendous for them. This is going to be kind of a bonding experience for them so they're going to be very focused as far as this game's concerned. They're a very, very dangerous team.

(On how much they can open the playbook with Kerry Collins on a nicer day)

We'll be able to utilize the whole game plan. We're still in the midst of putting it together, we're through with day one we'll hopefully have enough things to give us a chance to make some plays.

(On Kevin Mawae's status)

Yeah, he's fine. He practiced today. LenDale [White] hit him so hard it kind of adjusted his back and he feels better now than he did before the game.

(On if Chris Johnson is a tool to use to keep defenses from constantly blitzing Kerry Collins)

Yeah, he is. One thing about Chris [Johnson] is, if they want to bring it, Chris will block them. That's one thing he can do and that's a good thing. Now it's our job as coaches to figure out a way to get a block and get him out. Once you get him the ball in the open field he's fairly dangerous.

(On the 2-0 start)

You always want to start fast, if possible, because we divide the season up into quarters. You'd like to have a lead at the end of the first quarter. We're in that one-at-a-time mode right now with a great deal of respect for this week's opponent and we have to execute the game plan and stay focused.

(On how much attention he pays to other teams in the AFC South)

No, we're just trying to win the next game and that's what they're doing. When there's a game between teams in our division, somebody's going to lose it and so that will be something to watch up there between those two teams [Colts and Jaguars].

(On if Lavelle Hawkins is getting closer to seeing the field)

I think he's got a chance this week. Physically-wise he's doing well and we're getting him more involved in the plan so I think he's got a chance.

(On Houston's young defensive linemen)

Well, they haven't got the attention that's been due to them. They are very, very talented up front. Mario [Williams] had 15 sacks last year and already has two and has played in one game and a lot of that has to do not only with his skills, but with the skill-level of the players around him. They're bringing it and collapsing the pocket and they did a nice job of putting pressure on Pittsburgh and throughout the preseason. This is the strength of their team, their front seven, not to be disrespectful to their secondary, but it is without question the strength of their defensive football team. There's not a lot of time to throw the ball and the quarterback has to make decisions quickly.

(On if the Titans pressure up front allows more creativity with their back seven)

Well, we have to work with them. For example, last week we didn't get the pressure that we wanted. They know that we were going to get it and they kept people in. So when people keep people in and change protections or throw it quick then you have to adjust your secondary. If there's three guys out on a route on third-and-long, we have to cover just a little bit longer and fit and matchup better. You assume we can get pressure but the offense can do something about it. If they do, than the secondary has to adjust.

(On what kind of changes the Texans have made this year to better protect their quarterback)

Well, they've got an offensive change, coach [Mike] Sherman is no longer with them and coach [Alex] Gibbs is there now. They've done a pretty good job of protecting the quarterback in the pass and you can see it. [Matt] Schaub throughout the preseason and even in the Pittsburgh game, he's 25-33 against their defense, he's 75 percent completion so he knows where to go with the football. They're more in the mode of get rid of it, rather than hold it for a long time and take your chances of getting hit.

(On comparing this game for the Texans to the first game the Saints played following Hurricane Katrina)

I believe there will be some extenuating factors from a motivational standpoint. And you can't help but pull for them. Obviously, we can't but we can be sympathetic to the tragedy and what happened from a personal side. But from a professional side, we have to win this game. I can appreciate what they've gone through, when you show up to work and there's water damage in the building and the roof's blown off the facility and there's sirens going on and you're worried about your house and the tree in your living room, it's a distraction. They've gone through an awful lot the last five days and from a league-standpoint you have to support them for what they've been through and obviously wish them success.

(On the effects of the hurricane on Titans owner Bud Adams)

There's been some minor damage to the house but everything as far as the Adams family and their immediate relatives, things are okay.

(On how it went when he told Vince Young he would not be starting when he got healthy)

You know, Vince clearly understands the situation and he's working as I said, and as I'll say again, he's working to get his knee back and get back in the swing of things and get back on the practice field. That's his focus right now.

(On if Vince Young will be on the sideline on Sunday)

I haven't really decided yet. There may be some benefit to having him go upstairs in the box and watching the game from that perspective with the call. But I haven't decided yet. The response I got from Keith Bulluck when he subbed for Eddie George in Green Bay, he said it was a great experience for him just to see the game from a different perspective so it might be beneficial. Whatever we do with Vince on Sunday will be what's best for Vince.

(On how far along Chris Simms is)

He's got a better fit for what we're doing. Each day he's learning more and more and he made some checks on the line of scrimmage today which was good.

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