Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On preparing with a short week)

Well, the short week's over. We're back on schedule. We just finished our Wednesday practice and got the first part of our normal game plan in and so the short week part is behind us.

(On if Kyle Vanden Bosch is back in the lineup)

Kyle practiced today, which was good.

(On the absence of Vince Young and William Hayes from practice)

We've got a couple of guys with some virus stuff going so we sent them both home.

(On if playing the Packers in the preseason helps at all from a preparation standpoint)

Well, in the fourth preseason game you really don't do much. Their offense and quarterback only played one play. There's some familiarity with the players because you played a couple of series against him. We played the starters but they made substitutions a little early so we have to become familiar with them and their scheme and just everything that they're doing real quick this week.

(On what stands out about Aaron Rodgers)

Well, he runs very well, he throws very well on the run, he'll pull it down and run for first downs and is just a very accurate passer. He can see, moves in the pocket well, just a good player. This is a huge test for our defense. This football team we're playing is very, very solid in all areas, special teams, offense and defense. They run it, they throw it well, they score touchdowns and they're very good on defense. They have very few weaknesses whatsoever.

(On the deep threat ability of Greg Jennings)

Well, that would suggest that he can catch the long ball but [Donald] Driver also can get down the field and he's done that for a number of years. It's big plays down the field and they're built to make big plays down the field.

(On getting the team fired up after Monday night's emotional win)

This team's ready to go. They came in ready to work today, focused and even though we had to back down a little bit physically today. They'll be ready.

(On what advantages the Packers have coming off a bye week)

Well, you can list the advantages and the disadvantages. Certainly, they had the opportunity to rest up and heal up and get some players back. If they so decided, they'll have extra time to fine-tune the game plan. But there's something to be said for not interrupting your momentum either, just playing week after week after week.

(On how the addition of Al Harris and Atari Bigby improves the Packers secondary)

Their secondary is not struggling. They've got a very solid secondary so if they get the two starters back then they're only going to get that much better.**

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