Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On what they're trying to accomplish at practice during the bye week)

Well, we're trying to accomplish a number of things. First off is that we're trying to heal up, we've got some guys that are banged up and some guys that just need rest. We've been working on a number of things that we feel we need to improve upon and that would include developing some of the younger players and kind of get caught up. [We want to] show teamwork for the offense and the defense because we know they're going to be called upon.

(On if there's anyone who at this time is not scheduled to play against Kansas City)

Not at this point, no. We're going to be in good shape.

(On which younger players in particular he'd like to get more involved)

Well we've got both phases and there's some special teams. We've got some guys that have been inactive that haven't played [special] teams that we're trying to work in as far as specific roles are concerned and we've got guys on both sides of the ball.

(On if he likes being described as a player's coach)

Well, I mean we've had our philosophy here in place for a long time. I don't really pay much attention to how you're described. I think it's important that we, as head coaches, understand our duties and our responsibilities and what that involves and how we handle those things that come up. As far as whether you're a player's coach or not, I really don't know how to define that.

(On the players viewing him as a player's coach)

Well, they could see it that way but the bottom line is our responsibility is to get the most out of them. Correct the mistakes and understand that they don't make mistakes on purpose and try to pull them together and stay focused and win ball games. However you do that, there's a lot of different ways to do that.

(On if his experience as a player gives him extra insight into the players on this team)

I think I can appreciate when you need to push them. I can appreciate when you need to back down. I think when they're asked to do more or when they're expected to back down and do less and rest then at least I think they trust it's coming from someone who's been there before. But again, everything is in their best interest.

(On the offensive line's success in protecting more of a pocket passer in Kerry Collins)

Well, we've given up two sacks, Kerry's got one and Vince [Young] has got one, in five games. I think that speaks volumes of what they've done. Also, you have to give credit to the play selection and the quarterbacks getting rid of the football and understands when he's got to throw it away. If you can protect your quarterback in this league and keep him healthy than you've got a chance.

(On how the offensive line could improve)

Each position can do a little better job communicating, a little better job protecting, a little better job doing the little things. We had some communication mistakes last week that you just shouldn't have. Now we didn't necessarily get to practice everything that we saw but I thought with the experience we had that we would do a little bit better. It's no different from position to position, it's just about doing things just a little bit better.

(On if the communication issues were a factor of playing on the road)

It was not a crowd noise issue.

(On if veteran players experience helps them when they're given extra rest during the bye)

I think we've gone from a very, very young team to a team now that has a good mixture of veterans players that have been in certain situations and younger players that are able to learn from those veterans. I think it's a good mixture and I think we have guys that have been other places that I think, if we show them what we do here and how we do it, then they'll appreciate an environment where it's fun to come to work whether you're winning or losing.

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