Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On being the only undefeated team)

You know, that's not our issue. We've played well, we've gotten through the bye week and we have a big challenge on our hands this week. That's the only thing that matters to us.

(On if the players were rusty at all coming back)

No, they were fine. We actually had a good practice. You know one of the things that concerns you coming off the bye week is that the penalties tend to increase ever so slightly. Then you have ball security issues, so that was the emphasis today, don't practice penalties and protect the football and get back to the execution part. I felt like it was a good practice. We had mostly everyone practicing and they have a pretty good understanding of the challenges that face us this week as far as the Chiefs are concerned.

(On the pitfalls of the only unbeaten facing a team with only one win)

You know, it's really unlikely that anyone is going to have those type of things going through their minds at kickoff. The challenge is the preparation week and this team, thus far, knows how to prepare. When you look at their team, there are very, very good players at different positions. Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe and both the running backs are big-play guys. Brodie Croyle has made plays. He was playing very well before he got hurt against New England at New England and he's back and has had an extra week of preparation. They have a disciplined team that's had very few penalties and gets turnovers and they're young and getting better and they have nothing to lose. There's no issues as far as us being ready to play, it's just how we prepare this week.

(On if the Giants loss helps keep the team on track)

You know, this team is not concerned about its record right now, we're concerned about winning the next game. That's all that matters and if we let those outside influences, those things that happen outside the building, affect us, than we're not nearly where we should be.

(On how different the Chiefs are from the team they faced last December)

It's a much younger team. There's 17 rookies on the roster and I think there's 26 players on the roster with two years or less of experience. They're just getting better and better. Coach [Herm] Edwards was upfront about their plan. They had to rebuild and were going to take their lumps and they've won a ball game against a very good team. Four of the five teams they've played this year have winning records and we can't say that for ourselves. And they beat a team with a winning record. You can make all you want about our records right now but this is going to be a tough ball game.

(On if he sees signs of the Chiefs turning the corner after being in the same position a few years ago)

You can see it every week that they're improving. They're fighting and they're playing hard. Their rookie corners are improving. Their offensive line is improving. They're going to take advantage of their strengths and try to improve their weaknesses. This is going to be a good team. They're on the right track. It's apparent they have a plan and nobody likes to go through it. We went through it and it's hard. What makes it harder is when you have injuries and they don't right now so that gives them a chance.

(On how much he was hoping the Chiefs would trade Tony Gonzalez)

Tony's a big challenge for us, he's always been a big challenge, he's been a challenge for everybody. They're going to make their decisions and they move on. Those things are out of our hands.

(On his characterization of Dwayne Bowe)

You know, he made a lot of plays early last year and was making plays throughout the season. He's making some great catches right now. His success, and it's unlimited, really is dependent on working with the same quarterback. He hasn't had that luxury but you can see the plays. They were on the same page in the New England game and we saw a lot of good things out of him in the preseason. He's an out-of-frame guy, he's a big, tall guy that can make the catch and keep drives alive and make the tough catch in the end zone. He's going to be a very good player.

(On this game being a trap game)

We're going in there with expectations of playing our best game thus far. In order to do that, we have to have the best preparation we can have. Every weekend it's a challenge in the National Football League, we've seen that, you saw that last week. We saw early in the season teams that were picked to win the division and go undefeated get beat. It's a matter of staying the course and preparing and being pros about your approach week after week.

(On Pacman Jones' suspension affecting the team's draft picks)

Not at all. That was over, we went on after the commissioner initially suspended him. It was good deal for us and we moved on. That's the Cowboys issue and the league's issue.

(On if Kyle Vanden Bosch or Tony Brown are any closer to returning)

They haven't practiced today but we haven't ruled them out. They could potentially practice tomorrow.

(On how Glenn Dorsey is progressing)

You know, he's fun to watch. You can see him improving. He's got some skills and some instincts and some amazing strength as a young player. We'll have our hands full up front. He ties it up and he can put pressure on the interior line.

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