Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On Jacksonville)

They had a great training camp and then got hit hard injury-wise on the offensive line, particularly even in the pregame warm-ups in our game. Obviously, that contributed to some of their early season difficulties but it's apparent now that they've overcome it. They have a good, solid group up there. Against Detroit they ran the ball very well and protected the quarterback. Their defense is playing well. This is a team where eight or nine games have been decided by seven points or less. The one that was not was a big win for them.

(On if running the ball against Jacksonville will be easier than it was against Chicago)

I mean every week is a challenge. I think people have set out the past few weeks to stop our run. Some teams have been successful, some teams have not. We're guessing and we're anticipating that that's going to be the focal point, as it is no secret for them that we have to stop their run.

(On shoring up the run defense for this week)

They're going to try to run the football and win time of possession and do those kinds of things. That's the way they're built. So yeah, this will be one of our bigger challenges in the run game. We took advantage of the turnovers and some sacks and some third-and-long situations in the first game against them but there are no guarantees. That's the challenge when you face a divisional opponent for the second time. There's no way to anticipate what's going to happen, you can't expect any repeat performances and things like that. Anything can happen but there's really no secret to this game. It's going to be a very physical ball game and both teams are going to try to establish the run and stop the run and just try to keep the ball away.

(On if he expects to see the same types of defense that Chicago showed from here on out)

Yeah, I think we'll get some wrinkles from Coach [Gregg] Williams. He's really good at that so we'll see some different things. But we showed that we can throw it and I would guess that their philosophy really is not going to change. They're going to try and make us drive the football, I mean that's the way they're built and that's why they've been so successful. We'll just have to wait and see.

(On what makes the Titans/Jaguars rivalry unique)

Well, I mean obviously it goes way back. It seems like we trade games every year. We had a couple years where we fell behind but our division is unique in that, at the beginning of this year, I think everybody saw improvement from everybody and no one ruled anybody out. There are good football teams in the division that are winning a lot of games. This organization played, even though we were under a different name, played in their first game ever in the history of their franchise and we've had some great matchups with them. Their first win in franchise history came against us later that year so we've had some great matchups and they'll continue.

(On how important depth becomes now as guys start to get dinged up)

It's real important. It's happening all around the league with guys getting hurt and unless you've got adequate replacements than you're going to suffer. Fortunately for us we've got depth and guys have been called upon to come in and be productive.

(On if the Titans would have the same record if they didn't have the depth that they do)

It's hard to say. I think everybody's contributed. There's that saying that when you have issues or difficulties in one area, someone else is going to have to pick it up. So if we had some problems at one position on one side of the ball, the other side's going to have to excel.

(On what has surprised him about his team)

I think the thing that I'm pleased with, the thing that's encouraging is, moments after the Chicago win, it was Jacksonville. Before they got on the bus, it was Jacksonville. So they go out and they take care of business and then they go ahead and focus on the next task at hand, the next opponent. That's been one thing we've done all year.

(On if the players are enjoying the attention the team is receiving)

It's not attention, it's a challenge. It's, "Ok, we like winning. This feels good so let's go win another one."

(On the offensive line's performance thus far)

Well, Kerry [Collins] was 31 of 40 last week and he was protected. He had opportunities to stand in the pocket and throw the football and that credit goes to our offensive line. They've done a great job for him, he's been sacked just a few times, he hasn't been taking many hits and for the most part we've been running the football well. It starts there. Most people outside of the building haven't been talking about it but we certainly recognize it.

(On going from chilly Chicago weather to sunny Jacksonville and if there's anything he does to acclimate the team)

No, the forecast is in the low 60s actually and we have a 4:00 kickoff so the sun will be down and it will be a bit cool. It'll probably be one of the coolest games we've played in Jacksonville in years.

(On playing at 4:00pm after being used to having so many noon kickoffs)

Yeah, I mean we prefer the noon thing but we understand why they decided to move it. We'll just sleep in a little bit longer and get up and go to work.

(On Dave Ball and Tony Brown's contributions)

Well, they're certainly taking advantage of a great opportunity and we're very fortunate to have them. We saw good things from Dave in the offseason and throughout camp and we knew that he was going to be a guy that could come in a do a lot of things for us. He's dedicated and works very hard. Of course, Tony's just gotten better and better. We're fortunate to have that rotation and have that wave going with the defensive line.

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