Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On what Brett Favre does well)

Everything. He moves around in the pocket, he stays alive and still makes all the throws. You can see it as he becomes more familiar with their offense. He's doing a much better job of changing the plays at the line of scrimmage, recognizing things. It's a matter of just getting familiar with the terminology and making plays. He just stays alive and makes plays, makes tight throws and keeps the ball moving.

(On rattling Brett Favre)

I can't recall a day ever where Brett Favre's been rattled. He'll bounce back if you do get a hit on him or if you get a tipped ball and somebody makes a play. He always bounces back so you can never relax.

(On if there's any way to rattle Favre)

No, there's not. They've done a real good job through the offseason of building this team. They've got a real solid blend of veteran players, young players, playmakers, they're healthy. Their skill level at each position on offense is exceptional and he takes advantage of it.

(On two extremely experienced quarterbacks facing off this weekend)

Experience is extremely valuable because it gives you an opportunity to remain competitive and when you're healthy and you still have the arm strength and you have the experience, you can do good things. That's what both of them are doing. There's no panic. They're always going to be in ball games and they're usually going to find ways to win them.

(On Favre forcing passes that sometimes result in interceptions)

I think of all the quarterbacks that have played this game, he probably has the shortest memory. He bounces back. Especially when you get into plus territories, there's tight windows and he tries to fit them in, sometimes he doesn't. But he comes right back and ends up doing it. He bounces right back. He overcomes those things and he's done that all year.

(On having players in on Mondays and Tuesdays even when they're supposed to be "off")

Well, they're actually required to come in but they're on their own in terms of coming in. That would be Monday. Tuesday, most of the guys come in because this stretch here. We reminded them about a week ago that we had three games in 15 days and it's going to take its toll on them physically so the only way you get through is to take care of yourself and that's what they've been doing.

(On if the players being around Mondays and Tuesdays is a function of how much fun they're having)

No, I mean I think it's a function of the locker room. These guys were in two years ago when we were 0-5. That's just what they do. They like coming to work and they have fun.

(On the challenges posed by a 3-4 defense)

Well, their sack numbers are up there in the top of the league right now, particularly not only because they have talented pass rushers but because the three-man line defense typically creates mismatches for your protection and backs. It's almost impossible to not create a situation where you have a running back blocking an exceptional pass-rushing linebacker. That's where the problems arise.

(On how the Monday night game against the Colts will help prepare the team for upcoming big games like this weekend or Thanksgiving)

I mean the Colt game was a great experience for Nashville and for Tennessee. For these guys it was just a ball game. That's the approach they're taking, every game is a high-profile game as far as we're concerned because we're playing a good opponent and we have to try and win that game. It's just that boring one-week approach that we're taking.

(On if it's getting harder to have players buy into the one-week approach as the wins add up)

No, it makes no sense to look ahead. All you have to do is put the Jets tape on and look at the Jets and what they've done. You can't afford to look ahead.

(On if he'd be surprised that human nature would cause any of the players to look ahead)

I think a lot of that is generated outside [the team].  They're not happy with how they played. They're happy with the outcome but they're not happy with how they played the first half.  We have to play better football. We won a game but didn't play particularly well and so we've got to get better and that's the attitude here. That's the motto. Get better and keep winning.

(On if he expects Nick Harper back this week)

You know, we have a number of guys that we rested today and we haven't ruled anyone out beside Eric King. Eric obviously had surgery last night and it was successful. But the other guys, we'll just wait and they'll be day-to-day.

(On how soon he'll wait to make a decision on Nick Harper)

You know, we're going to consult with the medical staff and see what his expected return date would be.

(On who the unknown player will be this week to step up and make a play)

I guess you'll have to watch and see. So far, it seems like every week we have someone make a play for us that we've needed to and a lot of those plays are coming from backup players.

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