Coach Fisher's Wednesday practice report




(On practice today)

Well, as we said, we're going to practice three days this week and that includes today's session that we just finished. Then we're going to work tomorrow and Friday and we're going to work full speed, with tempo against ourselves, no cards, much like training camp or an OTA practice. We got a lot done. We have things that we need to continue to work on as far as areas that we need to emphasize. It was a good day today.

(On if he hopes the full speed/attention to detail practices will keep the team sharp during the bye week)

Well, I'm confident that it's going to do just that. When you work against yourselves, the tempo's there, it's competitive. There's no game planning, there's no scout teams or anything like that. You just practice. It's the same thing we did during training camp and do during the OTAs.

(On if the team will put in anything new to the game plan this week)

No, the staff is working but as far as the carryover from what the staff is doing to the players, no we will wait until we find out who we play.

(On how much Casey Cramer will help being plugged in so soon)

Well, what we were looking for, because Josh's [Stamer] situation is going to be extended for a period of time, we were looking for somebody that's been doing it. Somebody that's been playing, been participating, that's healthy and in shape. Casey clearly knows what we're doing offensively and will take just a couple days to get caught up and then in special teams he knows the philosophy, knows the techniques. He's been very effective for us.

(On what he's learned since the last time the Titans had home-field advantage in the playoffs)

Well, the team clearly is different. This team practices very well. We're a healthy team so you adjust. I didn't go into the drawer and pull out the schedule and say, 'What did I do 10 years ago?' No, you adjust and that's the way we are every year. That's the way we are with training camp and we are week to week. You adjust based on the overall health of your club and the needs of your club.

(On if Kevin Vickerson picked up where he left off)

Yeah, he's been working. He came in and got a workout in yesterday. He'll continue to work through the weekend to get caught up but it's good to have him back. We have an exemption this week so we get an extra roster spot and then we'll make a decision next week.

(On if Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch are on pace to return)

They are on target, yes.

(On Vickerson's high level of play before he was suspended)

Yeah, he was playing well for us. He took advantage of some of the injury situations up front and he was playing 15, 20, 35 plays and he was effective for us.

(On his reaction to Mike Shanahan being fired by the Broncos)

Well, Mike and I are close and as I said, I also got to know [Broncos owner] Mr. Bowlen very well. It's unfortunate. There are reasons for it obviously. I'm quite clear that it was not an easy decision on behalf of the organization. Mike will land on his feet and be successful.

(On if Shanahan's firing reflects the notion that it's too hard to be both a head coach and a GM-type)

No, I don't think so. I thought this was probably one of Mike's better coaching jobs this year just because of the injuries. I looked at the tape just to see who was playing against the Chargers and it was difficult on him. No, Mike's been successful in this process and the way he does things. I'm sure if he's interested in continuing to coach he'll be looking for a similar situation.

(On if being a head coach and a GM is too much for one guy)

No, it would be unfair to comment on that because Mike [Shanahan] has handled it so well over the years.

(On his New Year's resolution)

You know, what I want for New Years is to win my first game in '09.

(On if winning the Super Bowl is his first resolution)

Just the first one. It'd be a great New Years.

(On his having the most seniority of all NFL coaches with Shanahan being fired)

You're talking about with the same organization. Mike will resurface very quickly, I just hope he doesn't resurface in the AFC.

(On what areas of the team are most important in trying to tinker with during the bye)

Yeah, I don't have any concerns. Health, obviously, is your number one concern and then you maintain practice tempo and focus. We're not going to have any issues with that. This team has practiced very well.

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