Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report




(on why he thinks the Chiefs were able to turn things around so quickly)

It's a combination (of things).  They did a great job with implementing their plan.  They knew what they wanted to do offensively, they adjusted to their personnel—to the ability of the offensive personnel, they're doing a great job.  You get a quarterback in the second year of the system, he's become much more familiar, his numbers are very impressive when you're talking about 24 touchdown passes and five interceptions.  This team has probably rushed the ball 30-40 more than anybody else in the league and they're committed to run the football.  They're playing good defense and they're disciplined, they're not turning it over, they're way down on the list of the league in penalties and they're playing very well at home.  We have our hands full.

(on if the Chiefs are the biggest surprise in the NFL this season)

You know, I don't know; there are other teams that are playing well.  I think this team at home and the points that they are putting on the board and what they're doing on the ground, it's really impressive.  They can really run the football.

(on how you discourage the Chiefs from running the ball as much as they would like)

Well you take the same approach that we took last week, and that is to score points.  We're going to have to score a bunch of points and hopefully try and create a situation where they're one dimensional.  They've been behind and just kept handing it off, handing it off so we're going to have to load it up and put a lot of pressure on the secondary.

(on if Arrowhead Stadium is unique)

Yeah it is, it's one of the loudest places in the National Football League, temperatures are going to be in the low 30's-high 20's, the field is going to be frozen and it's going to be a perfect day for football.

(on the contributions the Chiefs have been receiving from their rookie class)

They've been very productive on both sides of the ball.

(on if he told Chris Johnson to stay away from their bongo drums this time)

No, there is no need to do that.

(on if he's worried Chris Johnson will play the bongo drums again)

If he gets 200 (yards) and wants to pound on the bongos that is fine with me.

(on how much it has helped the Titans' offense to Kenny Britt and Kerry Collins back for a couple of games now and if it adds balance to the offense)

That's what we did.  It started the second half against the Colts and we were able to carry it over.  We just have to continue with a good week of preparation and make sure everybody knows what to do and how to do it.

(on if they still talk about making the playoffs as motivation)

No, I'm sure it's in the back of their minds—we haven't been eliminated yet, but we'll have no opportunity unless we win this game.

(on if there is a tangible difference with the team's morale coming in after a win as opposed to after a loss)

Yeah, of course, you feel much better coming in Monday, Tuesday and early in the week after a win, but this team has been a team that's practiced very well all year.

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