Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report




(on if he thinks Kerry Collins will be able to start)

Kerry's better, he's day-to-day.  He threw the seven-on-seven today, participated in the walkthrough so we'll see how he is tomorrow.  He's much better, actually he's better than he was Sunday which is encouraging.

(on Kenny Britt returning to practice)

Kenny's coming back to practice.  He was limited, but he returned back to practice and looked pretty good.

(on if potentially getting Kerry Collins back for Sunday's game would be a boost to the offense)

It's already been a significant boost for them, knowing that he has a good chance to play.  Obviously we can do a little bit more, game plan wise.  Guys are excited.

(on the health of the injured defensive linemen)

They're coming, they're coming.  We backed down today, particularly because of that position, but we've got a chance to get some guys back.

(on if he adjusted today's practice schedule to help guys who are trying to recover from injuries)

That's exactly what it is, yeah.  I've done it before.  I've let them sleep in before and worked in the afternoon.  The familiarity with the opponent and we just committed ourselves to focusing on the details and paying attention and absorbing as much as we can of the game plan today.

(on if he knew he was going to adjust the team's schedule today a few weeks in advance or if it was a recent decision) 

It's a sense; I can kind of get a feel for where they are.  Again, we were on the field for 40 minutes last week, we've been on the field quite a bit defensively.  That's part of the game, but if you don't adjust then you can fatigue.

(on Jacksonville's young defensive tackles)

They're very active.  They're moving them a lot, they're on the run, they stunt, they slant, there is a lot of penetration, they're active and they go to the ball.  They've done a good job.  We liked them, we liked them coming out (of college).

(on if he has to tell the team how important Sunday's game is)

It's no different than any other game.  They're all important, so this is our next one.

(on if Damian Williams has been pushing Justin Gage for playing time)

Damian when he's gotten on the field has made plays for us.  Justin has made plays, he had that one drop when the ball was knocked loose, but he made some plays in the game.  We've got a good group and we'll try to keep them all involved.

(on if Justin Gage's drop was a little deflating early in the game)

I don't know if there are many receivers that would hang on to that.  That was a bang-bang play and he got hit and the ball separated.  You credit the defense.  It's a great play if he can hang onto the ball or the ball lands on his chest, but that was quite a collision.

(on how hopeful is he that Kenny Britt will be able to play on Sunday)

Well we have to see.  This is his first time back to practice.  We'll see how he responds to the workload today and we'll pick it up a little bit tomorrow.

(on the team's attitude and morale)

It's great, it's a great attitude.  All we can do is prepare for the next opponent.  Their attitude is very, very good.  They understand with Mike (Heimerdinger) not being here, that they all have a responsibility to know exactly what they're doing and to pay attention to the details.

(on what he thought when he first saw how back-loaded their schedule was with divisional games)

What we said was, 'your season is going to be determined over the last five or six weeks of the year because you're in the division.'  Now no one anticipated the injury situation up in Indy, which I think has contributed to their losses, but it's there for everybody.

(on if there was anything that was particularly helpful turning around their season last year that can be applied to their current losing streak)

No, I think they're all different.  This is so different from last year.  The bottom line is that you've got to relax, you've got to have fun, you've got to play hard and you've got to believe that you've got playmakers lined up around you.  That's what we have; we've got guys who can make some plays.

(on if he's noticed a difference with Dowell Loggains calling plays)

Dowell hasn't called a play yet.  I don't know whether Dowell's going to call plays this weekend.  Mike's (Heimerdinger) situation, as you can imagine, is a little up in the air and Mike as of late last night sent the practice scripts over.  So we're going to communicate with him and we're preparing like Mike is not going to be able to call the game and then we'll adjust it with Dowell and Munch (Mike Munchak), but knowing Mike I'm sure he'll be there.

(on if there is the potential that Mike Heimerdinger will be at the game in a consultant role)

There is the potential that he'll be in the box and he'll just kind of assist, if you will.

(on if Mike Heimerdinger can't call plays on Sunday, how important would it be to have Kerry Collins at quarterback)

Well it would be a lot different if we were going with Rusty (Smith) this week.

(on how you go about fixing having 10 penalties in one game)

You know, I look at the penalties and as far as I'm concerned we didn't have 10 penalties.  We had some false start penalties that I would attribute to the young quarterback trying to do some things on the line of scrimmage, but Leroy (Harris) didn't have a holding penalty and J-Mac (Jason McCourty) did not have a defensive pass interference penalty and I didn't see a horse-collar penalty.  I look at it different than people that just look at the stats.  There are reasons for them; I know we know what happened.  You don't want those numbers, bottom line, but there are reasons for them.

(on if the league has agreed with him on the penalties that he thinks shouldn't have been called) 

I can't comment on my discussions.  Really, to me it's my opinion; I'm really not concerned about what the league's opinion on the fouls were.  To me, I look at it objectively and look at those numbers.

(on if you tell the team to keep playing the way they've been playing in regards to the penalties)

Well we have to eliminate—we didn't have a defensive offsides penalty last week against a team that hard counts at home.  That says something for our defensive line.  We had our false starts, we had four or five false start penalties on offense, particularly as I said because there were some checks being made very late, it was loud and they were not used to Rusty's (Smith) sense of timing.  That was the role that we were in last week because we were playing with a different quarterback.

(on if he wants the team playing in a desperation to win mode)

I want the team playing up to its capabilities and its capabilities playing with an attitude, aggressiveness and a sense of confidence and that's the way we've been playing, we just haven't won.  You don't make it life or death.

(on if he tells the team not to listen to what's being said in the media)

If I had to say that to them, it'd be about the third or fourth time I've told them. 

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