Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report




(on how beneficial it will be for Randy Moss to have a full week with Vince Young)

I think it will help.  Regardless of who he's practicing with it's going to help.  (Young) is certainly off to a great start this week, with the reps, he got all the reps today like we anticipated and it looks like the injury is behind him and he's good to go.

(on if Vince Young and Randy Moss need to get a feel for each other out on the field)

Well, no—I mean guys are going to get to different places at different times.  It does, it takes a while to get used to it, but like I said, I thought Randy fit very well into the offense last week and he's excited about having another week under his belt before he plays again.

(on if Vince Young took all the first-team reps today)

Yes.  I mean Rusty (Smith) took a couple of snaps, but Vince took the normal starter reps.

(on what he thinks the mood is like around the Redskins this week after a tough loss on Monday night)

I think they'll put it behind them.  They already got it put behind them.  They're moving on to the next game and they're going to get ready to play.  They're a good team and they've beat some good teams, and they're very competitive.  They just had one of those nights, and we've all been through that.

(on Ahmard Hall saying there is a sense of urgency to get a win this weekend)

We've lost two straight games.  Anytime you lose you need to bounce back and find a way to win, I'm sure that's what he's referring to.

(on what the key is to stopping Albert Haynesworth)

You're going to have to be aware of where he is.  You're going to have to maybe get somebody some help, at times with the center, but they move him all over the place and they affect your protection, so we're going to have to be on our toes as far as our adjustments.

(on if the 12-game winning streak against the NFC has entered his mind going into Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins)

Nope.  No, this is our next opponent and we have to become familiar with them and we just have to go out and play much better, protect the football and make plays. 

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