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Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report




(on if he's encouraged seeing Vince Young practicing again)

Again, he's getting better, as I said after the game on Monday.  He's improving; he's continued to improve and was good enough to get through one of our periods today.

(on if today was a light practice)

I split practice, I cut it down, so yeah I backed down a little bit.  We've played a lot of plays, particularly on defense.

(on if he's hopeful that Vince Young will be able to play on Sunday)

Yeah, that was our intention all last week, was hoping he would be able to play.  But again, we'll take him each day, and if he's able to move around the pocket and be effective under center, then he'll have a chance to play.

(on how much the San Diego Chargers have changed over the last few years)

They do one of the better jobs in the league in replacing personnel.  They have their philosophies in place—their offensive philosophy, their defensive philosophy and they just do a really good job.  It seems when a player moves on, they've got someone to plug in, and that's been the case with the receivers.  It's a highly explosive team.  I can't remember playing a team, regardless of the record, set the record aside, that's number one in so many categories on both sides of the ball.  It's not by mistake, they're well coached and they're very talented.

(on why the Chargers' special teams has given up so many plays)

They had some issues with some injuries.  They've had several punts blocked, kickoff returns for touchdowns, they've given up six returns for touchdowns this year.  That is hard to overcome; I think that explains their record, that in addition to the fact that they're minus-seven in the takeaway-giveaway.  So you take the giveaways and the returns and it's hard to overcome.  They're saying to themselves, 'If we protect the ball and not give up big plays, we win ballgames.'

(on if he's maintained a friendship with Chargers head coach Norv Turner from his days playing for Turner at USC)

Oh yeah, we've stayed in touch throughout, yes.

(on why he doesn't concern himself with his team's recent losing streak against the Chargers)

That's for you guys to talk about.  This is a different team, he's got a different team, we're going to go play the game.  I'm not going to stand in front of the team and tell them this is our record against them over the years, and da-du-da-da-da.  We're putting a game plan in to go and try to win the game.

(on if he thinks the Chargers' turnover struggles are because they have been making mistakes or because their opponents have been making plays) 

It's a combination.  You saw the game last week, Phillip (Rivers) throws a swing pass and the back leaves it on the ground and it's ruled a lateral and it's a turnover.  A young receiver hits the ground, not downed by contact, puts the ball down and they jump on it.  There have been some other cases where the balls have been knocked out.  They had two turnovers against the Raiders, one inside the five-yard line and one inside the 20.  I mean turn the ball over inside the five-yard line, get a stop.  Come back two plays later they're inside the 20 and they turn it over again.  That's just kind of what's happened to them.

(on Kenny Britt's performance against the Eagles)

It started up front.  First off, those catches aren't made unless the throws are made, and the throws aren't made unless we get protection.  We kind of put him in position to make those plays.  He ran precise routes and Kerry got him the ball.  You can expect him to make those plays.

(on if there are any new developments concerning Kenny Britt)

No, nothing has changed. 

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