Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report




(on Vince Young's status)

He's better, he would not have practiced today had we had a full practice, but he's better and he's day-to-day.

(on if he expects to see Vince Young practice tomorrow)

I can't estimate right now, we'll see how he is tomorrow.

(on if it makes things easier now that Andy Reid has said that Kevin Kolb will start on Sunday)

We expect to see Mike Vick as well.  If he's the third quarterback then he probably wouldn't play, but if he's not the third quarterback then we expect to see him.

(on what he needs to see from Vince Young to clear him to play)

He has to heal up to where he can move around in the pocket.

(on if he needs to practice at least once to play this Sunday)

I'm not going to get into whether he needs to practice or not.  He's paying attention, he's in the meetings, it will be day-to-day with it.  He's come a long way, there is always a potential for him to play without practicing and of course there is always the potential he may not play this week.  We just don't know.

(on how much of a benefit it is to know that Kevin Kolb is starting rather than Michael Vick)

Really it depends on the two types of quarterbacks, that's the difference there.  Certainly in both cases we have two different quarterbacks.  There are things that one quarterback will do and things that you don't do with the other.  As I said, just because Kolb is starting doesn't mean Mike's not going to play.  We're going to prepare for him.

(on if Vince Young is similar to Steve McNair in his desire to play through injuries for his teammates)

Yeah, he was disappointed that he got hurt, he wanted to stay in and finish the game.  He couldn't and he wants to get back as quick as he can. 

(on if Kerry Collins is 100 percent healthy)


(on if Kerry Collins practiced today)

He would not have practiced today.  He banged his finger in the game.  We gave him the day off and I would expect him to practice tomorrow.

(on what hand Kerry Collins injured a finger on)

His right hand.

(on what finger Kerry Collins injured)

One of the five.

(on if Kerry Collins injured his middle finger)

You're getting closer.

(on if he is worried about Kerry Collins availability for Sunday's game)

No, he finished the game with it.

(on the Philadelphia Eagles offense)

We just have to prepare for what we see on tape.  The challenging thing about their offense is they do everything.  They are very, very unique.  They run it from all personnel groupings, throw it from all personnel groupings, reverses and screens.  They push the ball all over the field with creativity.  There is nothing there you can really sink your teeth into defensively, you just have to play fundamentally sound defense.

(on if the Eagles becomes easier to game plan for without DeSean Jackson)

They still have other weapons.  They have good receivers, their running back is playing well for them and they scored points when he was out.  DeSean was off to a great start in that game.

(on how he keeps his defensive players from worrying about fines and suspensions)

Players are going to play hard.  They're not going to go into the game with that concern.  There are a few acts on the field that will draw that kind of attention, one is launching.  If they don't put themselves in that position, to launch, then they can play as aggressively as they want.

(on if they are emphasizing getting ready physically more than a normal week due to injuries)

That's been our emphasis.  Our emphasis this week has been rest and recover.  We've been on the road three of the last four weeks, played physical ballgames and we're on a short week so we have to get our bodies back, but at the same time make sure we take the right approach mentally.

(on if the Eagles are the most talented offensive team they've played this year)

We've faced some good ones and we will face some good ones down the line.  This one has the potential to make a lot of big plays.

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