Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report




(on if there is a fine line between playing hard and playing dirty)

If you're making reference to the accusations of us playing dirty, they are incorrect.  We play hard, we play aggressive; you don't hear comments out of teams that are familiar with us along those lines from the Texans or anybody else in the division.  It's just kind of one of those things that happened and we're done with it.  We're going to play hard and if someone doesn't like the way we play, then so be it.  They won the game, congratulations to them—we've moved on.

(on how he would handle taking offense to an opposing team's style of play and if he'd air it through the media)

No, we're going to play between the snap and the whistle and if there are issues on the field that are taking place then you expect the officials to get it corrected.  If there's violations and unnecessary roughness type things—personal fouls or things that aren't seen by the officiating crew then the league office will take it into consideration.

(on the people that are referencing his playing for Buddy Ryan as possible proof of the Titans playing dirty)

I'm really not concerned about what's being said.  We're going to play hard; we're disappointed we're 2-2—we should have won the game, we didn't.  We're going to come back and try and play harder next week.

(on if he's worried the officials will start to target the Titans if they develop a reputation of being dirty)

No, the officials are going to be objective.  They don't go into a game with preconceived notions and fabricate things or manufacture things.  They are going to call what they see, but no, that has never been the case.  Our penalties are high right now and we have to get them under control and we will.  Most of the penalties, and I've said this on numerous times, have nothing to do with the snap and those are bad penalties.  By in large those are 60-65 percent of the penalties in the league, they're false starts and they're offsides.  Those are the penalties that are of issue.  The personal fouls, as I've spoken to you guys at different times on the hits on the quarterback, they err on the side of caution.  They're not personal fouls, our players haven't been fined for them, so I don't know where it's coming from, but we've moved on.

(on if he's surprised that Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels called the Titans defense dirty and what his relationship is like with McDaniels)

You know, I'm more concerned about the Cowboys right now than I am about the Broncos.  They won the game, congratulations.

(on Gerald McRath's expected playing time)

Anywhere from being inactive to starting—it really depends on how he does, but he's in great shape, he hit the field running and he's ready to go.  It's great to have him back.  Realistically speaking, he's stayed in great shape so he will pick up where he left off.  It will really depend a lot and be dictated by the Cowboys and what they try to do offensively.  He probably won't be playing in our sub packages, so if they put multiple receiver sets on the field than we'll be in nickel and he may not play.  We're just glad to have him back.

(on what McRath brings to the defense)

It's the speed, contact—he's aggressive and he plays hard like the rest of his teammates.

(on what Kenny Britt has done differently the last two weeks to be more productive)

He's just getting opportunities.  With Justin (Gage) down now, potentially not being able to play, Kenny will step up again as Vince (Young) said.  When Justin went down against the 49ers Kenny stepped up and made a lot of plays.  He had a great day today and is looking forward to helping the offense.

(on if Gerald McRath could start against Dallas)

Yes, it is possible he could start—quite possible.

(on he's surprised that the scoreboard in Dallas hasn't been hit by a punt since the Titans preseason game there in 2009)

You know, I was asked that this morning by (the Dallas media) too.  It hasn't been hit since the preseason game and at that point last year, A.J. Trepasso was trying to make a team.  He wasn't trying to draw attention to himself and hit the board; he was just trying to make a team.  I am a little surprised it hasn't been hit, we're all pleased with the league's immediate response to that and they got a rule in place, and at some point it will probably be hit again.  But we're not going to go in there with the intention of hitting the thing and coming away with a win; we would like to win the game.

(on if this game means more to him because it is in Dallas and against the Cowboys)

No, it's just our next opponent and our next challenge.  It's a tremendous challenge for us.  I think if we're fortunate to win this game, then we can say we've gotten a little better since the start of the season because they're a very, very talented team in all three phases.  They're fast and quick and strong and well coached, they are motivated, they didn't get off to the start they wanted, I know they're looking at three of the next four at home and feel like this is their opportunity to position themselves in the division.  We're going to have our hands full.

(on how similar the Cowboys 3-4 defense is to the 3-4 defense ran by the Steelers and the Broncos)

They're all different.  They do a lot of different things coverage wise.  They are very, very talented at each and every position.

(on which Cowboys team he expects to see Sunday, the 0-2 Cowboys or the Cowboys that beat the Texans)

Keep this in mind, they win the game but they get a holding penalty called against them on the last play of the game at Washington.  Then they're in the game against the Bears and they turn it over a couple times or they have a chance to win that one.  They got the running game going against the Texans two weeks ago in week three, and they were a very dominating team.  We're anticipating that team; however the team that we're going to get this weekend is rested.  I understand that their entire active roster is going to practice, they're healthy, and so we'll get the best Cowboy team to date I'm sure.

(on if having played in their new stadium before helps them prepare for playing in it this Sunday)

No, a stadium is a stadium.  It's a beautiful place, but it's the same size field as we played on last week so we just have to go out there and make plays.

(on playing against eight and nine man fronts as defenses scheme to stop Chris Johnson)

We're not seeing nine.  It depends on formations, but they're getting an extra guy.  The numbers aren't necessarily the issue, it's the extra defender.  If we've got a three-wide package than they've got an extra defender; if we have a base package there will be an extra defender, and that is happening.  They are edging us and they have an extra defender inside, or he's coming off of the slot so we have to deal with it.

(on if you protect inside-out from a run scheming standpoint)

No, I mean you've got basic blocking responsibilities, and sometimes that extra guy is unblocked.  There is typically going to be an extra guy, an unblocked guy in the run front that either the quarterback has to handle or you have to run away from.

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