Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report




(on if he's worried about trying to get more balance into the offense)

You know we're going to try and win this ballgame and do whatever it takes to win, whether it's run it or throw it or both.  It's probably going to be a combination of both, and we have to do it very well because we're playing a very talented, explosive opponent.

(on if there is any concern over the number of carries Chris Johnson has had through three games)

No, he's touching the ball and playing well for us and he's helped us get the two wins.  One could make the case that if (his 85-yard touchdown run against the Pittsburgh Steelers) had not been called back, he could have maybe helped us get three wins in a row.

(on if he would like to see more balance on offense if it was possible)

We've played three games.  We've had games back in Steve's (McNair) career where he threw 18-20 times, it's just what the games dictate and what the defenses do.  In a perfect world you'd like it to be dead-solid 50-50, throwing for 300 and rushing for 300.  It doesn't happen that way, you play good defenses week after week.

(on Denver Broncos Quarterback Kyle Orton)

I think, as the case is with most quarterbacks, the better personnel around them the better they are going to be.  I thought he did some real good things in Chicago; we were very impressed with him coming out of college.  He's had a tremendous year and three games in my opinion.  He's battled through some injuries, the team itself battled through some injuries and he's a very, very capable quarterback.  He's got us very concerned.  It's not by mistake that they're first in pass offense and second in total offense right now, they're throwing the ball very well right now and they're very explosive.

(on Will Witherspoon)

Not only has it been the sack numbers, just the numbers themselves—the tackles, the assists, the hurries and when he's given a chance to make a play, he makes it.  He has a very good understanding of our defense despite being here for just a short time, he's taken over a leadership role there and played through a very, very difficult time in the opener and has settled in and been productive for us.

(on the significance of starting 3-1 as opposed to 2-2)

We head coaches have a tendency to break the season down into quarters, so you could walk away and say we won the first quarter and now we need to buckle down and play the second.  Right now we're not satisfied—we expect to win them all, but we're a team that desperately needs to improve right now.  We're doing some good things in a lot of areas, but there is a lot of room for improvement and unless we continue to improve the wins are going to be hard.  These guys understand that and they're working very hard.

(on how valuable Vincent Fuller is to the Titans)

He is extremely valuable to this defense in all areas.

(on making an exclusive list of head coaches who have coached 250 regular season games for a single franchise)

It's actually the first I've heard of it, but of course it's an honor to be mentioned.  The players get the credit for the wins and often times we'll take a little bit of the responsibility for the losses.  Again, I hate to say this, but this is just about the next opponent this week, but it is nice to be mentioned with those same names.

(on how nice it is to work for an owner who is as steady as Bud Adams)

I've said this time and time and year after year, that's where the credit goes to.  He understands this game very well and he has surrounded each one of us with great people in this organization that are all pulling in the same direction.

(on how well the special teams played against the New York Giants)

We were plus in field position, Griff's (Michael Griffin) play was as good a play as you could see in the special teams game to do what he did with that punt and to be able to decelerate and stop there inside the one-yard line.  We had a couple good returns, we tackled well, we tackled well in space, we kicked the ball very well—Rob (Bironas) kicked the ball very well.  We just have to continue that.

(on if he expects the Broncos to target Alterraun Verner in passing situations)

I expect him to go where his progression takes him.  They're not an offense that's going to do that per se.

(on if he has any concerns about Alterraun Verner potentially getting his first NFL start)

I have no concern whatsoever with whoever plays out there.

(on if he's looking to add anyone to boost the depth at cornerback)

No, I think we're fine.

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