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Coach Fisher's Wednesday Practice Report




(on Vince Young's Heisman dilemma and the potential need for a final answer)

It's a complicated issue.  There is still some uncertainty about it; nobody has really made a decision other than Reggie (Bush).  I think the thing will sort itself out.  I am confident that his concern is more about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the trophy we haven't gotten, rather than that one.

(on the challenges that starting against Pittsburgh for the first time can present for Vince Young)

It's not an easy deal.  It's not easy, he's got a big week ahead of him and he's off to a good start today.  This is a team that literally controls the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, and then confuses the most experienced of quarterbacks.  It was an impressive game to watch in their opener considering the fact that both teams had so much time to prepare and it ended up being a 9-on-7 with a couple of play passes and some drop backs on third down with no touchdowns.  It was a very, very physical game and a well coached team.

(on if it's an extra challenge for a quarterback the first time they face the Steelers)

Oh it's a challenge.  I remember the west coast offense with Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers going into Pittsburgh and having a hard time back in Brett's early years.  So, it's not an easy thing, Dick (LeBeau) is quite a coach and he's not in the Hall of Fame by mistake and they have good players that they're returning.  Troy's (Polamalu) back healthy and playing hard, so it's not going to be an easy thing for us.

(on if Pittsburgh is starting to become a run-first team again)

They are, they ran it 31-32 times and Dennis (Dixon) had 24 pass attempts, 12 of which were on third down—or 27 attempts, something like that.  So they are, they're going to run the football and control the clock, and they're going to get the ball back on defense.  There were 31 third down attempts in this game, so they've gotten back to their old philosophy and they've got a young, mobile quarterback who can make plays.

(on if Troy Polamalu's penchant to guess on plays makes it hard to prepare for the Steelers defense)

No, I wouldn't call it guessing, I'd call it preparing.  I think he recognizes things very well.  One can only imagine the extra time he spends studying, because not only is he a tremendous athlete and a gifted player, but he plays very, very smart.

(on if they have to prepare for Byron Leftwich in addition to Dennis Dixon)

You do, but the difference is if Byron does play there is less mobility at the position.  They're still going to execute the same offense where it's handed off first then use the play action to try and keep you honest.

(on how much they need the home fans at LP Field to be loud and disrupt the Steelers offense)

We got off to a great start.  They certainly were a huge impact in the first half and our good start defensively.  We credit them for helping our defense get off the field seven straight times.  It's going to be very important for us if they're checking or doing they're doing things on the line of scrimmage or even as far as effecting their snap count.

(on if going against a 3-4 defense as opposed to a 4-3 defense changes much for a blocking tight end like Craig Stevens)

Oh yeah.  In a 4-3 you're going to double basically the end and come off on the linebacker.  Now he's going to be singled, going 1-on-1 with the linebacker and he'll answer that challenge.  He's very, very talented and exceptionally strong.  He played very well last week.

(on the Terrible Towel stomping incident in 2008)

Who stomped on those towels?

(on Bo Scaife potentially being part of the Terrible Towel stomping incident)

Oh was he?  Well then I'll take Bo and give him a timeout or something.

(on if he's growing out a playoff beard)

I don't know.  It may not be here tomorrow, you never know—but it's a 1-0 beard.

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